Thursday, October 2, 2008

bad idea

So let me just tell you. If you have a cold, and you are already losing your voice, I really don't recommend doing the following:

1. Talking to your ESL program director for 30 minutes, then...
2. Teaching English for 2 hours, then...
3. Chatting on the phone with your sister-in-law's friend for 30 minutes on your way home about the logistics of running a half marathon, then...
4. Talking for another 50 minutes straight while on a late-night run with a friend.

My throat totally hurts and I sound like a man. I asked Christian if it was sexy and he said, "Shut up--Get away from me!" I take that as a no.

So I'm drinking a concoction of water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, basil, and honey. Hey--I figure if they're all listed as helping a sore throat, then I might as well mix them all together, right? Christian says it smells nasty--too much vinegar. I say it tastes better than nasty airborne. Although I will admit there's too much vinegar. Ew.

But my throat feels better. Maybe because this is the longest I've gone without talking since 6:00pm today. Oops.

PS--Christian is watching Family Guy and I'm actually laughing. I can't stand when I laugh at programs that I can't stand!


LJ and DC said...

Hope you're feeling better and not worse!!
My fav sore throat yummy is hot water, lemon and honey. Brody says ginger is even better. Did the vinegar work?

Ashley said...

Sad--it must be going around. Charlie is sick, too. . . which means the rest of us aren't far behind.