Monday, September 29, 2008

the weekend

Ok, I know I already posted a couple things last night, but I'm eating my lunch and feel like taking a break from work. That and I need to keep all my millions of blog readers out there well entertained, right? What? Not that many people actually read my blog? Whatever. I know I'm popular. You guys follow me like a tabloid.

good eats
Friday night Christian and I went out on a date. We walked to downtown Mountain View and grabbed dinner. I love walking downtown. We certainly don't do it enough. We ate yummy gyros (which still don't compare to the amazing shawarma I used to get in Spain, but close enough). In case you're wondering, the main difference between shawarma and gyros is this: shawarma is middle-eastern while gyros are greek. It gets more technical than that (type of meat, sliced, pressed, yogurt sauce v. garlic sauce, etc.) but the lay person would consider them very similar. Yummmmmmmy.

retail therapy
After dinner we moseyed on over to Therapy (a whole two doors down) for some, well, shopping therapy. I rarely go "real" shopping. You mean there's a world outside of Target and Marshalls? You bet there is. And it's normally a lot more expensive. But Christian was adorable. He followed me around the store encouraging me to try things on and even picking things out for me. I ended up picking 5 adorable coats to try on and the clerk pointed out that I must love that brand. I looked at all the tags and sure enough I had grabbed all one brand--BB Dakota. I had never heard of it (refer back to Target and Marshalls comment). But I obviously was drawn to it. I put my favorite on hold and then went home and happened to find it half price online. I'm considering going back to get more. I will post pictures as soon as the jacket arrives! I'll let you guess what color it is...

running with friends
On Saturday morning I ran 7 miles with Erica. That girl is a trooper! Little Hayden is only 11 weeks old and Erica is already up to a 7-miler! Truly an inspiration. She's hard core. Beautiful weather, lots of good chatting time.

chilling with christian
Saturday chores. Very exciting. But then we used our DVR for the first time! Christian recorded the movie Zathura just to make sure it would work and we ended up watching the entire movie. Surprisingly, I really liked it! We're pretty lame for sitting inside watching a movie on a beautiful day. But then we remembered that we could watch Survivor online, so we followed up the movie with the 2-hour premier of Survivor. Double lame. But we had so much fun just hanging out with each other all day that I didn't care.

isn't church supposed to calm and relax
Sunday started off a little rough but improved after church. The class of 7-year-olds we teach at church is a little unruly. Ok, a little is an understatement. In the middle of me talking to the class about what it means to be respectful and reverent (we have this talk every Sunday), one of the kids mumbled something like "can you stop talking now?" I really didn't understand him, so I said, "What did you say?" He followed up with "Stop smacking your mouth already." Ah, lovely. And that's how class started. So much for the respect talk. By the end of church Christian looked like he was going to explode.

visiting teaching
But after church he got a nap, and I got to hang out with April. April is my visiting teacher (and one of my favorite people in the world). She is so fun to talk to, so VT visits often last a long time because neither of us ever wants to stop chatting. And somehow she always knows just what I need to talk about. I have been thinking about service a lot lately. We all get so caught up in the things that we need to do that we forget about what the people around us might need. I've been thinking a lot about how blessed I am. I have everything I need. I have no room for complaint, and yet I complain a lot. But I am trying to focus on others and concentrate less on what I want and more on what other people might want. And that was April's message exactly--the same thoughts and everything. It was much needed and much appreciated. If you don't know April, I recommend getting to know her.

sardines for dinner
No, we didn't eat sardines for dinner, we were sardines. Packed into our tiny kitchen. Brooklyn and Dave came over with their adorable girls and brought Brooklyn's cousin Aubrey and Aubrey's husband Sam. Have you ever seen The Office episode "Dinner Party" when they show up to Michael and Jan's house and Jan has just barely put on the 3-hour roast? That's how I felt. We were still rushing around getting the food ready when they arrived and I realized we hadn't started the rice. Oh crap. And it was brown rice, which takes forever to cook. So embarrassing. So we started the rice and had our meal in shifts. Lettuce wraps as appetizers while the rice cooked, some time to let our food settle, then tofu/broccoli/rice as the main course. Sorry guys! But we had so much fun. Cambria and Maya could not get enough of Christian (does that surprise anyone?) and Cambria actually asked if Christian could go home with them. That's how we secure friends. We get in good with their kids. Thanks for the good times!


Carbonneau said... supposed to be relaxing...I don't think it has been for almost 4 years now, and, won't be for another 18 or so for us. But I am fine with that. :) My choice.
BUT I did go to the RS broadcast by myself, that was VERY relaxing and it talked a lot about service, Elder (pres?) Uchtdorf is a great speaker!

Tamra said...

Loved the church bit. I teach 9 and 10 and 11 year old girls. They're off the wall and I sometimes have to lay down the law, WHICH I CAN DO. :) It's interesting what they come up with.