Sunday, September 28, 2008

picture tag

For Holley and Kerri!! Sorry it has taken me so long to post this! I never forgot...

Holley tagged me. The rules are you have to take pictures of the following things. And you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning or wiping your child's nose (I think Richard would seriously hurt me if I tried wiping his nose). Then you tag five others. Only I never really tag other people (kind of like I'll never pass on a chain letter), so if you feel like following suit, consider yourself tagged.

1. The fridge. My favorite items of food in this picture are the peanut sauce (used it tonight!), the big purple cabbage (used it tonight, too!), the milk (I loooove cereal), and my sister's apricot jam (which I completely forgot I had--sorry, Ashley!).

2. The closet. Clothes. Shoes. Not a whole lot. Christian has asked me to get rid of my old running shoes, but I always forget. But just so you all know--this closet makes up my entire wardrobe. Minus my running stuff. And I don't even wear half of what's in here. Yep. I wear the same few outfits over and over and over and over.

3. A self portrait. Yes, we really are this gorgeous all the time. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

4. My favorite room. The balcony counts as a room, right?

5. The kitchen sink. When I took the photo, the kitchen had exploded. Or we were just lazy. One of the two. But the rules said no cleaning, so I took the picture. But I had to take a second picture the next day just to clear my record.

6. The laundry room. Funniest thing. Tonight we had the Cooks over for dinner and their daughter Cambria came running into the kitchen and said "Mama, they have a washing room in their house!" This is the sure sign of kids raised in apartments in the bay area. Washers and dryers inside where you live is amazing, and people with backyards have a little park at their house (as another of my friend's kid called it).

7. The toilet. Very exciting. Kind of looks like everyone else's toilet, doesn't it? Maybe I'll paint it with pink stripes just so it will make posts like these interesting. Or not.

8. What your kids are doing right now. Ok, he's not my kid. But that's what he's doing. This is a common scene in our house. Watching shows on the laptop with headphones. It's most amusing when you're having a conversation with someone and the person on the computer laughs at what they're watching. It is either spooky because their laughter corresponded perfectly with your conversation, or they laugh at the worst time possible (like when you just mentioned a horrible tragedy). Either way it's pretty funny.

9. Your dream vacation. I have no idea. I would go anywhere. Literally. I would go to another state. I would go to another country. Itching to go somewhere.

10. Your favorite shoes. Ahhhh. Flip flops.


nicole said...

hey! my new place will have washer/dryer hook ups.. what is the story on your purchase? i am excited!

Holley said...

Yea!! I'm so glad you (finally) posted. Kinda fun! Brooklyn is all into rhyming. There's a race car down the street with "Holley" real big on it. Everytime we see it, she'll say Molly rhymes with Holley. And Polly too! :)

Ryan said...

Whenever I want to read a blog that ends with a picture of feet-filled flip-flops, I can always count on Molly's blog.