Thursday, September 4, 2008

my blog is boring

I know it has only been 4 days since I last posted, but I felt like my blog was getting boring. Not that what I'm going to write is exciting, but at least it will move me up to the top of your blogroll, right?

1. Christian and I are going camping with his soccer friends in a couple weeks and I am so excited. I love the outdoors. And his friends are a riot. I can't wait!

2. I have decided that I want to live in skirts and big t-shirts. Skirts and big t-shirts don't exactly look good together, but man are they comfortable! It has been so hot lately (ok, so hot for here), and we don't have air conditioning. So I've been lounging around in skirts because they are soooo nice and cool. This last weekend we went hiking and I wore a skirt. Maybe I looked like a dork in my running shoes and skirt, but it was wonderful. I highly recommend it.

3. I'm running again! I know you all think I'm this crazy person who runs every day and runs a marathon every couple months. But that's just not so. I run 3 times a week (on a good week). I've run 3 marathons in the last 4 years. Yes, that sounds like a lot even to me, but it's not exactly every couple months. After my horrible half marathon in April, I started taking it easy. Then I got lazy. Then I went to Hawaii and ate for a week straight. Oops. But my girls convinced me to sign up for a half marathon in October and I am back in the saddle! I have been LOVING running with Lindsey, Kaylynn, Whitney, Maren, Rebecca, April, Sarah, Dyan---whoever happens to be running that day! Oh running, how could I have neglected you so?

4. Back to school night. Yep. Tonight I'm going to Richard's back-to-school night. Super fun, huh? I'm sure I don't really need to go (Richard really has things pretty well under control), but I figured we should. And since Christian has class on Thursday nights, I'm going alone. Again. At least last year I got to ride over with Jennifer and laugh about how everyone there would think we were the students. But this year I have no friends around here with kids in high school. So I'm going alone. Woe is me.

5. I just found a hole in the front of my shirt. What the heck? How does that happen? How does a hole just appear in the front of a practically new shirt? And to think I actually tried not to look like a bum today. Where is the justice?

6. I promise I'll post something interesting with pictures soon. Hope you all have a great week!


Amy Carter said...

yay! i check your blog every day to escape from work. so i'm happy no matter what you write; don't worry about it being interesting. quanity, not quality! if you have nothing to write about, then update us on how ESL is going. i find that very interesting, and like hearing about your students.

1 - where are you going camping?
2 - yes, running shoes + skirts = big dork. tennis shoes should never be worn unless you are exercising. but you were exercising, so you're ok.
3 - running shmunning. watching the new season of america's next top model is much more satisfying.
4 - that's really cute. do you actually talk to the teachers?
5 - is your shirt from target? this happens to all clothes i buy from there. holes, or buttons falling off.

Molly said...

you just made me so happy!

1. I don't know. They haven't decided.
2. I'm a dork. But I rarely wear running shoes unless I'm running/hiking/biking/walking long distances.
3. I can't wait for all the good shows to start!
4. Not if I can help it!
5. Ross. You get what you pay for, right?

Tyler said...

What? Amy checks blog...and comments? I thought that was totally not her style. Or was that just my blog she doesn't check or comment on?

Amy Carter said...

:) I only check on blogs that aren't going to upset me by what is posted. Oposing political views usually get to me, and then I can't get any work done. Molly posts are usually pretty light.

Molly said...

My blog is no longer boring. I love my family.

Kerri said...

I love reading your blog! And I love that I can count on you being at the top of my blog list every morning ;) here's something to spice it up: Holley's Tag ? just kidding...not really...but I am...makes me think of this movie quote:

Name this movie: "Unless of course you're into that sort of thing, in which case I got some shackles in the back. Just kidding. But seriously, I've got 'em."