Sunday, September 14, 2008

hiking at uvas park

On Labor Day, Christian and I went hiking in Uvas Canyon County Park down in Morgan Hill. We took the back way through Almaden and pointed out all the houses we would buy. And of course, halfway up the road to Uvas, the redwood trees started popping up left and right and I was in heaven! During the hike Christian thought it was a little strange that I was taking pictures of the poison oak, but I figured so many of my friends aren't from around here and have no idea what it looks like that I thought I'd post it. Here are the pics of our fun day!

I was surprised that Uvas still had water even in September.

Christian is a good sport.

This is poison oak. It's most easily recognized when it's turning red. "Leaves of three, let them be." Lobed, smooth leaves that grow in threes. And they often grow intermingled with wild berry bushes (right, April?).

Here's what they look like green. It's all over here, so just be careful.

I think this tree bark was Christian's favorite part of the hike.

Of course the trees were my favorite part. Check out this one! (And yes, that's me in a skirt and running shoes. Sexy.)

I think our little friends were just as surprised to see us as we were to see them.

Christian looking cute.

The ground and the rock were slanted. I was sliding off.

Thanks for the fun day, Christian!

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