Sunday, September 14, 2008

day at the beach

Although we live very close to the ocean, we rarely go. A few Sundays ago we took off after church, took a nap on the beach, and came back. And it was wonderful.

I took Christian to one of my favorite beaches. Nothing incredibly special--just not too many people there. Ashley and I used to bring Riley here. He would run and run and run up and down the beach, barking at the birds in the sky. He really thought he could catch them. Christian and I laughed as we walked onto the trail because of the sign. Does that look like a Great Dane to you? It does to me.

Train tracks.

As we walked along the trail to the beach, a couple came around a corner with a huge black Great Dane. The dog immediately jumped off the trail and stayed as far away from us as possible while walked by. The man laughed and said the dog was the biggest baby. I'm not sure the dog realizes most people are probably scared of him. It was so cute.

We had a great view while we were asleep.

And I was mesmerized by the seagulls with bright orange beaks. Their beaks were so bright!

Poison oak. Why do I like taking pictures of it?

Trees. Beautiful.

Sky. Beautiful.

My future beach house.

And we woke up to find bike tracks going around us on both sides. How do you not wake up when people ride their bikes 3 feet from your heads? Scary.

We should go to the beach more often.


whitney said...

dude, is that new brighton beach? i totally recognize that beach house. that's the beach my family always goes to.

Molly said...

Yep! It's just down the beach from New Brighton, so we go a back way so that we don't have to deal with all the people who are actually at New Brighton.

Dianna said...

I totally went there a few weeks ago! And I took a pic of that same house! I love that house!

Brian and Kristy said...

I'm so jealous that you get the beach! I think that's what I miss the most about living in California.

Ryan said...

I hate all these pictures you keep posting of the forest and the beach. Stop it. You're making me wish I lived in California.

Stop it.