Wednesday, September 24, 2008


What a relaxing weekend. We went camping at New Brighton Beach with our friends from Christian's soccer team. So much fun.

Carefully avoided all the poison oak surrounding our camp.

Watched Sep spend a ridiculously long time setting up his hookah. Those things are fascinating.

Laughed at Cyrus doing "shoulder pulls" with a tiny jug of cheap wine.

Ate hot dogs with Shannon.

Got attacked by a gigantic garden spider. (Ok, I just ran into part of its web. But getting attacked makes for a better story.)

Slept in a tent (which brings our total tent usage to a whopping three).

Went running with Sep and Shannon in the morning--breakfast waiting for us by the time we got back.

Absolutely perfect weather after the weather man scared us into thinking it would be cold. We were all ready to bundle up all weekend and ended up spending 3 hours on the beach getting tan.

Christian, Sep, Cyrus, Aaron, Shannon, and I actually swam in the ocean. Ginny stuck her foot in. She wasn't about to give in to peer pressure. Definitely warmer than Tahoe, though (which isn't actually saying much).

Christian and I looked like ghosts next to everyone else. After all the browns versus whites comments over the weekend, I'm pretty sure Shannon and Aaron are tan enough to qualify as browns and Christian and I are all alone as the whites.

Learned that Aaron knows everything there is to know about weasels and Weezer.

Watched Sep and Cyrus wrestle in the sand (a little too much cheap wine, boys?).

Took a nap to escape from Sep and Cyrus' bickering (who tend to sound like an old married couple who should have gotten a divorce a long time ago). :)

Christian whittled smores sticks out of kindling. Our lifesaver.

Ate a few too many smores (made with Petit Ecolier cookies--none of us will never go back to graham crackers--thanks Baptiste and Meredith!).

Hung out with Ginny and Christian while the others played "beer pong." We thought about playing a game of root beer pong with Kel and Rikio the second night, but I really wasn't that interested in drinking that much root beer. Made me sick just thinking about it. We non-drinkers are a little too smart for that.

Sep's theory that you know the world is coming to an end when the horses start to die off (forget bees).

Learned that Payam did in fact graduate in '99.

Super yummy grilled vegetables for dinner the second night. And more smores, of course!

And a 5-hour nap after church when we got home on Sunday. Yep. 5-hour nap. It was wonderful.


whitney said...

i totally recognize those fire pits! i love new brighton, too!!

Veeda said...

Your camp trip looks like so much fun!