Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bob loblaw-g

Ten points to the first person to name that reference.

1. Last week I made a stir-fry using what Christian thought was WAY too much cabbage. But that's what the recipe called for, so I followed the recipe. And I gave in and made brown rice. I'm determined to like it. Richard thought the meal tasted like puke (as evidenced by the fact that he added enough butter to kill a small animal then proceeded to push it around his plate for ten minutes). I thought it was yummy. Even with the horrible brown-rice texture. Because the recipe made, oh, a billion servings, I ended up taking it to work for lunch every day that week. Interestingly, I lost about 2 pounds by the end of the week. Not intentional, but not complaining! My mom and sisters pointed out that cabbage is a popular diet food (I guess cabbage soup is all the rage--I'm oblivious), but who the heck wants to eat cabbage soup? I'll stick with my spicy cabbage/carrot/bell pepper stir-fry. So I made another huge batch on Monday night and I'm going for week two. Take that, Hawaii!!

2. Speaking of making things and being domestic... Although I haven't run since Saturday (shame on me!), I have made pesto sauce (from my CSA basil and the basil growing on my porch), made tomato sauce (from my CSA tomatoes and the tomatoes our custodian brought me), made veggie stir-fry (from my CSA veggies), did my chores, folded laundry, made the bed, gardened, and did the dishes. That may not sound like anything extraordinary, but ask Christian. He'll tell you it's a step in the right direction. Next goal: get to work on time.

3. I just heard my coworker down the hall say "you gotta add more cowbell" and it made me laugh.

4. I was listening to "Piolín por la mañana" on the way to work this morning and a girl called in who had gotten married two months earlier and found herself 4 months pregnant. Her uncle had abused her. And now she was afraid to tell her husband, because she was worried he might leave her or accuse her of cheating on him (they didn't have sex before they got married). And the uncle told her that if she tried to turn him in, he would have her deported since she doesn't have any papers. This wasn't Jerry Springer material. This was very real, very sad material. The poor girl sounded so young and so broken and so scared. Afraid the love of her life might not believe her and leave her, afraid she'll be deported all alone and with no family in Mexico. I was almost in tears by the time I got to work. They had a lawyer come on and explain her rights and offer to help her, but she still sounded so scared. Makes you wonder how many other people are out there in the same situation.

5. On a happy note, we're going camping this weekend! I'll be sure to post lots of pictures--right after I post pictures of Diego's birthday party and post the tag from Holley. I'm a little behind since it takes soooo long to upload pictures at home. And I just don't have that kind of patience. So instead I just post lots of text while I'm eating at work.

All done eating. Have to get back to work now. It's been fun chatting.


LJ and DC said...

Is that totally from Arrested Development? LOVED that show. That's why we're friends.

Carbonneau said...

My mom used to make cabbage soup...we called it "Cancer Soup". They say cabbage is very healthy and helps fight cancer. We thought it was gross and called it cancer. I
have thought about asking my Mom for the recipe lately. Weird how habits change. :) Good luck with the cabbage!

Jared said...

Drat! Lenessa beat me to it! What a fantastic show. Bob Loblaw's Law Blog totally makes me laugh, but not as much as Tobias's business cards. But using that as the title for a blog entry might get you arrested.

Julia said...

jona says arrested development. he was a huge fan.

Ryan said...

Easy. Arrested Development. Either that, or the book of Corinthians.

I always confuse the two.

Ashley C. said...

For someone who said goodbye to life not too long ago, you sure have pumped out the blogs lately! Is life not as crazy as you expected or are you spending more blog time at work? ;)