Thursday, September 4, 2008

back to school night

Back to school. Back to school.

Not for me, though. Tonight I went to Richard's back to school night. It was actually really fun. I missed first period (because I had to rush over from tutoring in Atherton), but never really loved geometry anyway, so it was ok.

By the time I walked across the school, I was late to second period. How embarrassing. I had to ask the guy behind me what we were doing. Everyone else was halfway through a quiz. What is this? A bad dream? Am I wearing clothes? Yes, wearing clothes. No, not a bad dream.

I think I passed the quiz, though.
1) Name: Molly
2) Student's name: Richard
3) The year you took biology: '96-97 and '97-98 AP (I hope Richard's teacher knows he lives with his brother, otherwise he's going to think Richard's mom had him when she was 11 years old...)
4) The grade you got in Biology: A, baby!
5) Name that molecule (he held up a model molecule): Blood, baby! (Richard just told me it was urine. I fail.)
6) Name what he has under the microscope: Yeast! (Richard told me the first day that they were studying yeast. I'm an attentive "parent.")

Crap. 83%. I suck. Darn that urine.

Periods 3 & 4 were fun. Global Concepts. Pretty cool. I like their teaching style and totally failed their logical thinking riddle. Richard made me do about 6 of them the other night and they just made my brain hurt. Maybe I'll post some later.

Period 5 was auto tech. I think I would love taking that class. The teacher was a lot of fun, and Richard absolutely loves it. Now he wants to be a mechanic. Hmmmm. Lemon meringue pies and rotated tires? Can Richard live with us forever??

Oh, and they had a photo shoot in class. I love it. (Photos by Vici Kelley)

Period 6 was culinary arts. Looks like auto is slowly winning Richard's love, but he still has a special place for cooking.

Every teacher I talked to told me how wonderful Richard is. How nice he is. How enthusiastic he is. How genuine he is. It's true. We're lucky.

And on the way home I stopped at the new Pizza My Heart for a free slice of pizza. I must admit today was a winner.


thebakerbook said...

Molly, i think it is so neat how you have totally embraced being a "mother". Richard is a lucky boy.

Christian said...

"Back to school. Back to school"... Look at you quoting Billy Madison. Richard and I really are training you well.

LJ and DC said...

totally love this photo shoot and the Aufdrmauers too. I'd have to give a big amen to Richard's teachers. He is a great guy and you are a great mama.

Molly said...

nope. no "mothering" or "mama-ing" from me. just sister-in-law-ing. ha!

Kerri said...

Super cool! I can only imagine what it was like walking into a High School Back to School night with all those GROWN UP Parents and you thinking, wow, it wasn't that long ago and, don't date that girl--her parents were snobby...and you think she's pretty now, but WOW wait til you see her parents...etc.

Molly said...

ha! most of the time i was thinking, "are high school parents getting younger? maybe i'm getting older." and then there was the oh-so-obviously super-rich couple with the guy who looked like he had driven his $300,000 convertible to the school and his wife who was WAY too skinny with big fake boobs and super smiley and talked so much her husband actually shushed her. they were amusing. then there were the parents who i'm pretty sure looked at me in complete disgust when i told the auto shop teacher that Richard totally wants to be a mechanic now. "but this is los altos high! he should be a doctor!" but other than that, everyone there was quite normal and pleasant.

Ashley C. said...

My friends brother is about 23, works as a BMW mechanic and brings home $2,000 a week. Seriously. Maybe being a mechanic isn't such a bad goal! Well, as long as you work on fancy schmancy cars!