Monday, September 29, 2008

the weekend

Ok, I know I already posted a couple things last night, but I'm eating my lunch and feel like taking a break from work. That and I need to keep all my millions of blog readers out there well entertained, right? What? Not that many people actually read my blog? Whatever. I know I'm popular. You guys follow me like a tabloid.

good eats
Friday night Christian and I went out on a date. We walked to downtown Mountain View and grabbed dinner. I love walking downtown. We certainly don't do it enough. We ate yummy gyros (which still don't compare to the amazing shawarma I used to get in Spain, but close enough). In case you're wondering, the main difference between shawarma and gyros is this: shawarma is middle-eastern while gyros are greek. It gets more technical than that (type of meat, sliced, pressed, yogurt sauce v. garlic sauce, etc.) but the lay person would consider them very similar. Yummmmmmmy.

retail therapy
After dinner we moseyed on over to Therapy (a whole two doors down) for some, well, shopping therapy. I rarely go "real" shopping. You mean there's a world outside of Target and Marshalls? You bet there is. And it's normally a lot more expensive. But Christian was adorable. He followed me around the store encouraging me to try things on and even picking things out for me. I ended up picking 5 adorable coats to try on and the clerk pointed out that I must love that brand. I looked at all the tags and sure enough I had grabbed all one brand--BB Dakota. I had never heard of it (refer back to Target and Marshalls comment). But I obviously was drawn to it. I put my favorite on hold and then went home and happened to find it half price online. I'm considering going back to get more. I will post pictures as soon as the jacket arrives! I'll let you guess what color it is...

running with friends
On Saturday morning I ran 7 miles with Erica. That girl is a trooper! Little Hayden is only 11 weeks old and Erica is already up to a 7-miler! Truly an inspiration. She's hard core. Beautiful weather, lots of good chatting time.

chilling with christian
Saturday chores. Very exciting. But then we used our DVR for the first time! Christian recorded the movie Zathura just to make sure it would work and we ended up watching the entire movie. Surprisingly, I really liked it! We're pretty lame for sitting inside watching a movie on a beautiful day. But then we remembered that we could watch Survivor online, so we followed up the movie with the 2-hour premier of Survivor. Double lame. But we had so much fun just hanging out with each other all day that I didn't care.

isn't church supposed to calm and relax
Sunday started off a little rough but improved after church. The class of 7-year-olds we teach at church is a little unruly. Ok, a little is an understatement. In the middle of me talking to the class about what it means to be respectful and reverent (we have this talk every Sunday), one of the kids mumbled something like "can you stop talking now?" I really didn't understand him, so I said, "What did you say?" He followed up with "Stop smacking your mouth already." Ah, lovely. And that's how class started. So much for the respect talk. By the end of church Christian looked like he was going to explode.

visiting teaching
But after church he got a nap, and I got to hang out with April. April is my visiting teacher (and one of my favorite people in the world). She is so fun to talk to, so VT visits often last a long time because neither of us ever wants to stop chatting. And somehow she always knows just what I need to talk about. I have been thinking about service a lot lately. We all get so caught up in the things that we need to do that we forget about what the people around us might need. I've been thinking a lot about how blessed I am. I have everything I need. I have no room for complaint, and yet I complain a lot. But I am trying to focus on others and concentrate less on what I want and more on what other people might want. And that was April's message exactly--the same thoughts and everything. It was much needed and much appreciated. If you don't know April, I recommend getting to know her.

sardines for dinner
No, we didn't eat sardines for dinner, we were sardines. Packed into our tiny kitchen. Brooklyn and Dave came over with their adorable girls and brought Brooklyn's cousin Aubrey and Aubrey's husband Sam. Have you ever seen The Office episode "Dinner Party" when they show up to Michael and Jan's house and Jan has just barely put on the 3-hour roast? That's how I felt. We were still rushing around getting the food ready when they arrived and I realized we hadn't started the rice. Oh crap. And it was brown rice, which takes forever to cook. So embarrassing. So we started the rice and had our meal in shifts. Lettuce wraps as appetizers while the rice cooked, some time to let our food settle, then tofu/broccoli/rice as the main course. Sorry guys! But we had so much fun. Cambria and Maya could not get enough of Christian (does that surprise anyone?) and Cambria actually asked if Christian could go home with them. That's how we secure friends. We get in good with their kids. Thanks for the good times!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

amazing race

Did anyone watch the Amazing Race tonight? Recognize this? "Hard way up." That's me in the picture. Only I was so sick when we took this picture that it took all my energy just to get that far up the stairs. Kind of fun to see it on the show! We'll have to go back to Salvador some day when we aren't sick and have more than one day to explore.

picture tag

For Holley and Kerri!! Sorry it has taken me so long to post this! I never forgot...

Holley tagged me. The rules are you have to take pictures of the following things. And you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning or wiping your child's nose (I think Richard would seriously hurt me if I tried wiping his nose). Then you tag five others. Only I never really tag other people (kind of like I'll never pass on a chain letter), so if you feel like following suit, consider yourself tagged.

1. The fridge. My favorite items of food in this picture are the peanut sauce (used it tonight!), the big purple cabbage (used it tonight, too!), the milk (I loooove cereal), and my sister's apricot jam (which I completely forgot I had--sorry, Ashley!).

2. The closet. Clothes. Shoes. Not a whole lot. Christian has asked me to get rid of my old running shoes, but I always forget. But just so you all know--this closet makes up my entire wardrobe. Minus my running stuff. And I don't even wear half of what's in here. Yep. I wear the same few outfits over and over and over and over.

3. A self portrait. Yes, we really are this gorgeous all the time. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

4. My favorite room. The balcony counts as a room, right?

5. The kitchen sink. When I took the photo, the kitchen had exploded. Or we were just lazy. One of the two. But the rules said no cleaning, so I took the picture. But I had to take a second picture the next day just to clear my record.

6. The laundry room. Funniest thing. Tonight we had the Cooks over for dinner and their daughter Cambria came running into the kitchen and said "Mama, they have a washing room in their house!" This is the sure sign of kids raised in apartments in the bay area. Washers and dryers inside where you live is amazing, and people with backyards have a little park at their house (as another of my friend's kid called it).

7. The toilet. Very exciting. Kind of looks like everyone else's toilet, doesn't it? Maybe I'll paint it with pink stripes just so it will make posts like these interesting. Or not.

8. What your kids are doing right now. Ok, he's not my kid. But that's what he's doing. This is a common scene in our house. Watching shows on the laptop with headphones. It's most amusing when you're having a conversation with someone and the person on the computer laughs at what they're watching. It is either spooky because their laughter corresponded perfectly with your conversation, or they laugh at the worst time possible (like when you just mentioned a horrible tragedy). Either way it's pretty funny.

9. Your dream vacation. I have no idea. I would go anywhere. Literally. I would go to another state. I would go to another country. Itching to go somewhere.

10. Your favorite shoes. Ahhhh. Flip flops.

Friday, September 26, 2008


(Do) You know bothers me? Grammar. And (don't start sentences with 'and') (do) you know why? Because (don't start sentences with 'because') I notice exactly when I use incorrect grammar (use grammar incorrectly?). Most of the time I don't correct myself. Because (there we go again) if I walked around saying whom every time it was (were) grammatically correct, I would sound like I was (were) trying to be smarter than you. Who (whom) am I trying to impress? No one. Sure, I'll write correctly in an academic paper, because the audience I'm writing for (for whom I'm writing) just might care. But (don't start sentences with 'but') you guys don't really care, do you?

Here's the deal. I teach English. But I don't teach perfect English. My students need to know how to talk to their bosses, how to communicate with the doctor, how to talk to their kids' teachers. They don't need to know how to use whom. I mean, come on--how many of you actually use whom correctly all the time? Or ever? How many of you even know when to use whom? I rest my case.

Want to know what spurred this post? The fact that there are a couple titles on my side bar that should technically use whom, but I refuse to use it. So sue me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


What a relaxing weekend. We went camping at New Brighton Beach with our friends from Christian's soccer team. So much fun.

Carefully avoided all the poison oak surrounding our camp.

Watched Sep spend a ridiculously long time setting up his hookah. Those things are fascinating.

Laughed at Cyrus doing "shoulder pulls" with a tiny jug of cheap wine.

Ate hot dogs with Shannon.

Got attacked by a gigantic garden spider. (Ok, I just ran into part of its web. But getting attacked makes for a better story.)

Slept in a tent (which brings our total tent usage to a whopping three).

Went running with Sep and Shannon in the morning--breakfast waiting for us by the time we got back.

Absolutely perfect weather after the weather man scared us into thinking it would be cold. We were all ready to bundle up all weekend and ended up spending 3 hours on the beach getting tan.

Christian, Sep, Cyrus, Aaron, Shannon, and I actually swam in the ocean. Ginny stuck her foot in. She wasn't about to give in to peer pressure. Definitely warmer than Tahoe, though (which isn't actually saying much).

Christian and I looked like ghosts next to everyone else. After all the browns versus whites comments over the weekend, I'm pretty sure Shannon and Aaron are tan enough to qualify as browns and Christian and I are all alone as the whites.

Learned that Aaron knows everything there is to know about weasels and Weezer.

Watched Sep and Cyrus wrestle in the sand (a little too much cheap wine, boys?).

Took a nap to escape from Sep and Cyrus' bickering (who tend to sound like an old married couple who should have gotten a divorce a long time ago). :)

Christian whittled smores sticks out of kindling. Our lifesaver.

Ate a few too many smores (made with Petit Ecolier cookies--none of us will never go back to graham crackers--thanks Baptiste and Meredith!).

Hung out with Ginny and Christian while the others played "beer pong." We thought about playing a game of root beer pong with Kel and Rikio the second night, but I really wasn't that interested in drinking that much root beer. Made me sick just thinking about it. We non-drinkers are a little too smart for that.

Sep's theory that you know the world is coming to an end when the horses start to die off (forget bees).

Learned that Payam did in fact graduate in '99.

Super yummy grilled vegetables for dinner the second night. And more smores, of course!

And a 5-hour nap after church when we got home on Sunday. Yep. 5-hour nap. It was wonderful.

diego's birthday party

Fun times were had by all! Great weather. Cupcakes. Piñata. Candy. The cutest nephews alive. Does it get any better? I got to hold Max the whole time he was there. Christian ran around with Diego. Jose and Christian played baseball with the candy. And did I mention cupcakes? I think I had three. Had to try all the flavors, right?

Birthday boy



The rest of the pictures are on our smugmug!

Monday, September 22, 2008

why i run races

People often ask me why I run so many races. I finally found my answer.

It's so I will always have an abundance of leftover race-bib safety pins in my purse, resulting in questions like, "You don't happen to have a safety pin on you, do you?" and comments like, "Oh! You are such a lifesaver!"

It's true. That's why I run races.

Friday, September 19, 2008

take the plunge?

I know I've said this before, but I'm going to tell Christian today that we should take the plunge...

And get DVR with our Comcast. We are way too busy to try to remember to set our VHS tape to record shows. We don't even get home until 9 most nights!

Not to mention my sister just sent me a link to this:

So of course I need to record those episodes.
Teaching my ESL class has made me so happy. Language and people really are my passions. And I've been listening to all my salsa music in the car lately. And I want to go dancing. And I want to travel. My awesome students from Peru were teasing me for living in Spain and asked me why I didn't go live in Peru. I told them I want to! And I just reconnected with some of the friends I made while living in Spain. And I want to watch this show, because I'm sure it will bring back so many memories that my brain has forgotten. Oh, and I want to learn to play flamenco guitar again.

And I want DVR. Done.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bob loblaw-g

Ten points to the first person to name that reference.

1. Last week I made a stir-fry using what Christian thought was WAY too much cabbage. But that's what the recipe called for, so I followed the recipe. And I gave in and made brown rice. I'm determined to like it. Richard thought the meal tasted like puke (as evidenced by the fact that he added enough butter to kill a small animal then proceeded to push it around his plate for ten minutes). I thought it was yummy. Even with the horrible brown-rice texture. Because the recipe made, oh, a billion servings, I ended up taking it to work for lunch every day that week. Interestingly, I lost about 2 pounds by the end of the week. Not intentional, but not complaining! My mom and sisters pointed out that cabbage is a popular diet food (I guess cabbage soup is all the rage--I'm oblivious), but who the heck wants to eat cabbage soup? I'll stick with my spicy cabbage/carrot/bell pepper stir-fry. So I made another huge batch on Monday night and I'm going for week two. Take that, Hawaii!!

2. Speaking of making things and being domestic... Although I haven't run since Saturday (shame on me!), I have made pesto sauce (from my CSA basil and the basil growing on my porch), made tomato sauce (from my CSA tomatoes and the tomatoes our custodian brought me), made veggie stir-fry (from my CSA veggies), did my chores, folded laundry, made the bed, gardened, and did the dishes. That may not sound like anything extraordinary, but ask Christian. He'll tell you it's a step in the right direction. Next goal: get to work on time.

3. I just heard my coworker down the hall say "you gotta add more cowbell" and it made me laugh.

4. I was listening to "Piolín por la mañana" on the way to work this morning and a girl called in who had gotten married two months earlier and found herself 4 months pregnant. Her uncle had abused her. And now she was afraid to tell her husband, because she was worried he might leave her or accuse her of cheating on him (they didn't have sex before they got married). And the uncle told her that if she tried to turn him in, he would have her deported since she doesn't have any papers. This wasn't Jerry Springer material. This was very real, very sad material. The poor girl sounded so young and so broken and so scared. Afraid the love of her life might not believe her and leave her, afraid she'll be deported all alone and with no family in Mexico. I was almost in tears by the time I got to work. They had a lawyer come on and explain her rights and offer to help her, but she still sounded so scared. Makes you wonder how many other people are out there in the same situation.

5. On a happy note, we're going camping this weekend! I'll be sure to post lots of pictures--right after I post pictures of Diego's birthday party and post the tag from Holley. I'm a little behind since it takes soooo long to upload pictures at home. And I just don't have that kind of patience. So instead I just post lots of text while I'm eating at work.

All done eating. Have to get back to work now. It's been fun chatting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bless Target

Like I mentioned before, we're going to be using a lot of songs in my ESL class. Today was only the second day, but I figured we could jump right into it. The first song I chose is The Beatles "Hello, Goodbye." I mean, it doesn't get much simpler than that. Hello, goodbye, yes, no, why?, I don't know, present tense, discussion about what "opposites" are, etc. Perfect!

One flaw. The Beatles music isn't sold online. And this little Beatles fan doesn't actually have any Beatles CDs. I know. Weird. I've asked for them on Christmas and birthday wish lists, but I seem to be too cheap to buy them on my own. Maybe it's the fact that I can sing all the songs without the actual music. Hmmm.

Sorry. Back from the tangent. I realized as I was about to head off to my class that my perfect plan to just download the song from iTunes was foiled. I didn't have time to search the web for a downloadable pirated copy, so I decided we would have to go music-less until I got my hands on a copy of the song.

So during the last 15 minutes of class, we read the song together and talked about what it meant. First I tried to get the students to guess the song just by looking at the lyrics. No luck. And then it hit me. Oh! The Target commercial! It's on a Target commercial! That struck a familiar chord. One student perked up and (kind of) sang the tune of the chorus. And I swear probably half the class went "Ohh!" in a chorus and just like that almost all of them knew what song we were learning.

You say goodbye, and I say bless Target.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

day at the beach

Although we live very close to the ocean, we rarely go. A few Sundays ago we took off after church, took a nap on the beach, and came back. And it was wonderful.

I took Christian to one of my favorite beaches. Nothing incredibly special--just not too many people there. Ashley and I used to bring Riley here. He would run and run and run up and down the beach, barking at the birds in the sky. He really thought he could catch them. Christian and I laughed as we walked onto the trail because of the sign. Does that look like a Great Dane to you? It does to me.

Train tracks.

As we walked along the trail to the beach, a couple came around a corner with a huge black Great Dane. The dog immediately jumped off the trail and stayed as far away from us as possible while walked by. The man laughed and said the dog was the biggest baby. I'm not sure the dog realizes most people are probably scared of him. It was so cute.

We had a great view while we were asleep.

And I was mesmerized by the seagulls with bright orange beaks. Their beaks were so bright!

Poison oak. Why do I like taking pictures of it?

Trees. Beautiful.

Sky. Beautiful.

My future beach house.

And we woke up to find bike tracks going around us on both sides. How do you not wake up when people ride their bikes 3 feet from your heads? Scary.

We should go to the beach more often.

i love jamba juice in my kitchen

After Richard's first day at Jamba Juice, he came home and experimented making smoothies. Both were yummy. I told him I needed a picture for my blog and he said, "What are you going to call it? I love Jamba Juice in my kitchen?" So I did.

hiking at uvas park

On Labor Day, Christian and I went hiking in Uvas Canyon County Park down in Morgan Hill. We took the back way through Almaden and pointed out all the houses we would buy. And of course, halfway up the road to Uvas, the redwood trees started popping up left and right and I was in heaven! During the hike Christian thought it was a little strange that I was taking pictures of the poison oak, but I figured so many of my friends aren't from around here and have no idea what it looks like that I thought I'd post it. Here are the pics of our fun day!

I was surprised that Uvas still had water even in September.

Christian is a good sport.

This is poison oak. It's most easily recognized when it's turning red. "Leaves of three, let them be." Lobed, smooth leaves that grow in threes. And they often grow intermingled with wild berry bushes (right, April?).

Here's what they look like green. It's all over here, so just be careful.

I think this tree bark was Christian's favorite part of the hike.

Of course the trees were my favorite part. Check out this one! (And yes, that's me in a skirt and running shoes. Sexy.)

I think our little friends were just as surprised to see us as we were to see them.

Christian looking cute.

The ground and the rock were slanted. I was sliding off.

Thanks for the fun day, Christian!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I just don't have the patience to wait for responses to my posts. So if you are just tuning in, see the post before this and let me know what you think. But I just couldn't wait to post again!

First, can I just say that I love open garage? First Richard changed the oil in our Acura. Then he and his teacher diagnosed our brake problem--the master cylinder. Then Richard went and bought a master cylinder and he and his teacher replaced it! I love open garage.

Second, I am in love with my ESL class. I taught my first class tonight. And by "my first class" I mean my very own class. Last semester I taught one night a week, but shared the class with another teacher, who taught the other two nights. But this time it's all mine--I am their only teacher. I showed up and in walked 18 students. As they all found seats and sat down, I couldn't stop smiling. This is definitely what I want to do. They are from Mexico, El Salvador, and Peru. They are all friendly, happy, and excited to be in the class. I am going to do everything I can to get them to keep coming. It's difficult to keep students coming in free community classes. But I'll try.

I have a range of beginner students. All adults. I'm pretty sure one of them doesn't know how to read, yet he can easily spell out the letters in English of any word in front of him, which some of the other students (who seem to read just fine) can't do. I have others who seem to know a lot and are the first to answer questions or tell me what a word means. Today I somehow paired the two lowest students for an activity and they had no idea what was going on--they couldn't even help each other. Oops. Once I get an idea of what each student knows, I'll be able to put them into more effective pairs.

We had fun. We laughed. I got them up out of their chairs and talking out loud. They learned each others' names. They know who likes to work, who likes to cook, who likes to watch TV. And they came up with a wonderful list of artists whose songs we'll use throughout the year. Michael Jackson, Guns and Roses, Beatles, Brittney Spears, Elvis, Alecia Keys, Madonna, and the list goes on. Remember back in high school Spanish class when we had to sing "Ojala que llueva cafe" in order to learn the subjunctive? And we thought it was so funny? Fast-forward 5 years to Spain when my friend Diego made me a bunch of CDs of his favorite music--and he included that song! Little did we know in high school that our teacher actually knew what she was talking about and was teaching us popular music. If only I had know who Juan Luis Guerra was at the time. Or how his music would forever take me back to my salsa dancing days in Spain. Well at least this way my students will know what they are singing. After all, they picked the music!

I love teaching. Yeah. I think I can give up my evenings for this.

opening a can of worms

Or pandora's box. However you want to look at it. Let's get political. But first let me preface this: I don't really consider myself a huge political person. Sure, I have opinions, but I'm not one to get into big long debates--mostly because if I don't know a ton about a subject, I feel it best not to put my foot in my mouth. I do, however, like to be informed. I've done some reading on this and would love to hear what you guys think. But first, some ground rules.

1. Play nice (and intelligent). I'm not a fan of closed-minded, rude arguments. I'm a fan of discussion.
2. This is NOT a debate over homosexuality. I'm not really interested in your opinions about whether homosexuality is right or wrong.
3. This is NOT a debate over who should be able to use the word "marriage" or whether the word "marriage" is religious or not.
4. If you can come up with concrete examples to back up your opinion, please feel free to use them.
5. If you feel you can't follow these rules, I'd rather you stop reading now. :)
6. I don't base my friendships on political views, so don't worry. I'll still love you in the morning.

So on to the question. Along with many many arguments on the table for and against the recognition of same-sex marriage, it has been argued that religious institutions could potentially be in trouble if same-sex marriage is recognized as a civil right. Churches could lose their tax-exempt status if they deny marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples. Religious adoption agencies could be shut down if they deny access to same-sex couples. And so on. So let's pretend same-sex marriage is considered a civil right across the entire country (not just California and Massachusetts). Do you think religious institutions would be in jeopardy if they didn't offer services to same-sex couples. Do you think the separation of church and state would be on the rocks in this situation?

I already know my opinion on this, but I want to hear yours.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

san jose rock n roll

If anyone wants to run the San Jose Rock n Roll half marathon in October, my sister-in-law has two race entries she'd be happy to sell to you (for less than the current registration price). A case of bronchitis has taken its toll on her training schedule. It's a great race, so let me know if you want them!

Friday, September 5, 2008

goodbye dear time

Aaaaaand there goes my life.

Good news: I just got a phone call and starting next week (!!) I will be teaching an ESL class in East Palo Alto again. Only now I'm teaching all three nights!

Bad news: On top of my full time job, and the few hours a week I am working on writing a curriculum, I am now teaching 3 nights a week. Which means Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I can pretty much kiss my life goodbye.

To my lovely ladies I was running (and sometimes swimming) with in the evenings: I will miss you.

To my lovely ladies I was running with in the mornings: Expect me to be setting up morning runs more often.

To my wonderful husband: Eh, we don't see each other on Wednesdays and Thursdays anyway. Have fun hanging out with Richard on Tuesdays.

To my wonderful Richard: I won't be home. Nothing new, right?

To my full-time job: Cross your fingers I don't check out completely.

To the wonderful girl I tutor: This makes me so so sad. Maybe I can come tutor on Mondays.

To my bank account: 9 more hours of pay a week? Let's have a party. Me, you, shopping? It's a date.

To my new students: I can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

back to school night

Back to school. Back to school.

Not for me, though. Tonight I went to Richard's back to school night. It was actually really fun. I missed first period (because I had to rush over from tutoring in Atherton), but never really loved geometry anyway, so it was ok.

By the time I walked across the school, I was late to second period. How embarrassing. I had to ask the guy behind me what we were doing. Everyone else was halfway through a quiz. What is this? A bad dream? Am I wearing clothes? Yes, wearing clothes. No, not a bad dream.

I think I passed the quiz, though.
1) Name: Molly
2) Student's name: Richard
3) The year you took biology: '96-97 and '97-98 AP (I hope Richard's teacher knows he lives with his brother, otherwise he's going to think Richard's mom had him when she was 11 years old...)
4) The grade you got in Biology: A, baby!
5) Name that molecule (he held up a model molecule): Blood, baby! (Richard just told me it was urine. I fail.)
6) Name what he has under the microscope: Yeast! (Richard told me the first day that they were studying yeast. I'm an attentive "parent.")

Crap. 83%. I suck. Darn that urine.

Periods 3 & 4 were fun. Global Concepts. Pretty cool. I like their teaching style and totally failed their logical thinking riddle. Richard made me do about 6 of them the other night and they just made my brain hurt. Maybe I'll post some later.

Period 5 was auto tech. I think I would love taking that class. The teacher was a lot of fun, and Richard absolutely loves it. Now he wants to be a mechanic. Hmmmm. Lemon meringue pies and rotated tires? Can Richard live with us forever??

Oh, and they had a photo shoot in class. I love it. (Photos by Vici Kelley)

Period 6 was culinary arts. Looks like auto is slowly winning Richard's love, but he still has a special place for cooking.

Every teacher I talked to told me how wonderful Richard is. How nice he is. How enthusiastic he is. How genuine he is. It's true. We're lucky.

And on the way home I stopped at the new Pizza My Heart for a free slice of pizza. I must admit today was a winner.

my blog is boring

I know it has only been 4 days since I last posted, but I felt like my blog was getting boring. Not that what I'm going to write is exciting, but at least it will move me up to the top of your blogroll, right?

1. Christian and I are going camping with his soccer friends in a couple weeks and I am so excited. I love the outdoors. And his friends are a riot. I can't wait!

2. I have decided that I want to live in skirts and big t-shirts. Skirts and big t-shirts don't exactly look good together, but man are they comfortable! It has been so hot lately (ok, so hot for here), and we don't have air conditioning. So I've been lounging around in skirts because they are soooo nice and cool. This last weekend we went hiking and I wore a skirt. Maybe I looked like a dork in my running shoes and skirt, but it was wonderful. I highly recommend it.

3. I'm running again! I know you all think I'm this crazy person who runs every day and runs a marathon every couple months. But that's just not so. I run 3 times a week (on a good week). I've run 3 marathons in the last 4 years. Yes, that sounds like a lot even to me, but it's not exactly every couple months. After my horrible half marathon in April, I started taking it easy. Then I got lazy. Then I went to Hawaii and ate for a week straight. Oops. But my girls convinced me to sign up for a half marathon in October and I am back in the saddle! I have been LOVING running with Lindsey, Kaylynn, Whitney, Maren, Rebecca, April, Sarah, Dyan---whoever happens to be running that day! Oh running, how could I have neglected you so?

4. Back to school night. Yep. Tonight I'm going to Richard's back-to-school night. Super fun, huh? I'm sure I don't really need to go (Richard really has things pretty well under control), but I figured we should. And since Christian has class on Thursday nights, I'm going alone. Again. At least last year I got to ride over with Jennifer and laugh about how everyone there would think we were the students. But this year I have no friends around here with kids in high school. So I'm going alone. Woe is me.

5. I just found a hole in the front of my shirt. What the heck? How does that happen? How does a hole just appear in the front of a practically new shirt? And to think I actually tried not to look like a bum today. Where is the justice?

6. I promise I'll post something interesting with pictures soon. Hope you all have a great week!