Friday, August 15, 2008

vertical farms

This is so cool. This concept popped into my head a long time ago (probably sometime in junior high), and I've thought about it on and off ever since. I've never really looked into it since it was just a thought and I'm not exactly an entrepreneur, but just today I came across The Vertical Farm Project's web site.

Granted, my visions had to do more with large-scale crop production (since I grew up surrounded by large agricultural fields). Entire fields stacked in a parking-garage-like structure that would allow for tractors just like open fields. Because it would be so big, it would have a network of mirrors bouncing natural light deep into the structure. Sounds a little archaic (I came up with it in junior high--what do you expect?), but that's the way I've always pictured it.

It's really fun to see something in the works that I've had sitting in my brain for over 15 years! (Not saying I thought of it first, just saying I thought of it on my own, and that's kind of cool.)

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Kerri said...

that's what you get for thinking :)

I am pretty impressed, and that is a satisfying feeling when you think of it on your own :) I feel that way when I hear a song and decide I like it before anyone else says it's cool. Yeah, that's when I know I'm a trend setter ;)