Monday, August 18, 2008

target jeans

Can someone please explain this to me?

I tried on a size 7 pair of jean capris at Target on Saturday. They fit great everywhere except the thighs/quads. They were just a little too tight--not super tight, but tighter than I wanted. Not that that's anything new. I don't have stick legs. I have solid legs. But jeans that are too tight in the thighs make me feel claustrophobic, and these were just on the verge of too tight. So I didn't get them.

After walking around a bit more, I ended up grabbing a couple more pairs of jeans to try on. Size 9 in one style (playing it safe after the capris), and size 11 in another (the only size they had and the jeans looked too cute to pass up). Size 9 jeans. Fit loose everywhere but the thighs were too tight--just like the size 7. Wait, what? Size 11 jeans. Too big everywhere but the thighs were the same size as the size 7 and 9! Uhhhh, something is wrong with this picture. I tried on a size 7, a size 9, and a size 11. The pants got successivly bigger, but the thighs were the exact same size in every pair.

Are our bellies and butts supposed to get bigger and smaller with the pant sizes but not our thighs? Does that logic make any sense?

I love Target but have decided that I should buy my jeans elsewhere. You know, one of those places where size 5's and size 13's have different size thighs.

So I got a skirt instead--and then proceeded to wear it for 2 days straight. My thighs are incredibly grateful.


Julia said...

i've had this problem with old navy too. i think it's our fabulous running legs that are way more muscley (sp?) than most girls' thighs. be proud for your running legs! :)

nicole said...

cute! is that the skirt you had on sunday?