Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ode to my new favorite medical student

Today was the third (and final--hallelujah) day of orientation for our incoming medical students. During lunch I sat at a table with eight students and we chit-chatted. Where are you from? What do you think of orientation? How many amazing things did you do before coming to medical school? You know, all that fun stuff.

It was hot outside. We kept scooting closer and closer to each other on one side of the table in order to avoid the hot sun that was slowly taking over the other side. And every couple of minutes I would take a sip from my water bottle. Talk, talk, sip, sip, fun, fun.

Then suddenly I looked at the water bottle. Wait. That's not the Trader Joe's bottle I brought from my desk. That's one of the bottles they were giving out at the luncheon. I didn't take a new bottle when I got my food, because I already had my Trader Joe's bottle.

And then it hit me.

Me: Oh my gosh. Have I been drinking out of your water?

My new favorite medical student: Yeah, but I wasn't going to say anything.


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Kerri said...

You now have a special bond! What a riot!