Tuesday, August 12, 2008

family time!

We had a very very fun time this past week. I almost called it a vacation until I remembered that I still went to work every day. But the week calls for a very long post with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

Veronica, Josh, and Savannah came last Friday and stayed for an entire week! We were lucky enough to have them stay at our place. And despite Josh's sad bout of strep throat, I'm pretty sure they were able to have a good time. They were going non-stop while they were here (had to stock up on California goodness before heading back to Utah), but we got to hang out in the evenings! Savannah is adorable and so much fun to be around.

Richard came home from camp! After being gone for about 7 weeks, Richard was pretty happy to be back home. And we were, too! The day he got back we just kept telling him (and each other) how excited we were to have him back! He's a pretty entertaining guy.

So we had a family get-together on Sunday and everyone came over to our house for dinner and games. Steve, Paula, Christian, Me, Veronica, Josh, Savannah, Dianna, Richard, and even Grandma Mary! Steve made pumpernikel and kindly informed us all that the name pretty much means the devil's farts. Hmmmm. That doesn't exactly help it taste better, but thanks anyway.

By the end of the week we decided we hadn't had quite enough family time, so we all went to Tahoe! Christian, Richard, and I took Steve (who practically lives on a road bike) mountain biking for the first time. It was so fun. Despite the faulty gears on Steve's rental bike (ok, we all had crappy bikes) and his resulting yells of "Son-of-a!" and "Come on!" I'm pretty sure he had a great time.

Christian decided to be brave and try a jump off a log. He totally bailed. I'm still beating myself up for not taking video of the jump. He rolled a bit, broke his fall on some logs, looked like he broke some bones. But he didn't. So he tried it again and landed it. The rest of us were too smart for that and took the jump bike-less.

Then we all performed bike acrobatics on the way home.

We spent the rest of the perfectly warm afternoon at Meeks Bay. Almost everyone was brave enough to get into the water. Steve casually walked out into the water and started swimming as if it were 80-degree water. Did he even notice it's freezing? He swam out to the buoy and did a little lap-swimming before heading back to shore. Crazy!

Then we went back home, enjoyed Paula's meatballs for dinner, roasted marshmallows for smores, and played In a Pickle. This is my new favorite game. Anyone want to play? Richard, Christian, and I will smash you. And unlike the French, we'll actually smash you.

We topped the vacation off with a trip to see Grandpa Allan and Birdie and then bid farewell to Veronica, Josh, and Savannah at the airport.

And for the first time ever--a video on our blog! Savannah showing off her cheerio-eating skills. Mad skills, yo.

It was a very fun week, indeed. We miss you guys already!

More photos on smugmug.


Amy Carter said...

I was wondering why you hadn't posted anything to your blog in a while. Looks like you had a good excuse. Savannah is super cute. I wish Tahoe weren't so far away. Seeing your pics makes me want to go up there this weekend. Was it still smokey up there?

Jenna said...

Good Job on your first video on the blog. That little girl is too funny. Looks like fun times with the family!I said hi to the turtles in Hawaii for you!

Veronica Cleverly said...

Savannah loves the video!!