Sunday, August 24, 2008

but the cupboards were bare

I woke up this morning thinking about breakfast (I always wake up hungry). I remembered that we didn't have any milk for cereal, so I thought I would be a good person and make waffles for Christian and Richard before they woke up. Went to the kitchen and realized we were all out of vegetable oil. "No problem. I can throw a little olive oil and vanilla in the mix and it won't make any difference." So I opened the cupboard to grab the mix, and it was practically gone. "No problem. I can make them from scratch." But then I realized we were out of eggs. So I gave up.

I made myself toast (likely using the last of the butter) and decided Christian and Richard could fend for themselves. I'm so nice.

Only now is it occurring to me that my sister Ashley probably has a very good vegan recipe for waffles. But, hey, church is in an hour and that's just way too much effort.

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Julia said...

dude, the story of my life! A for effort though. once you get that vegan waffle recipe, definitely pass it on. it sounds intriguing. :)