Wednesday, July 23, 2008

skyland mountain run

What a beautiful race! Ashley, Lenessa, David, and I ran the Skyland Mountain Run 5k/10k. Ok, David walked, but the rest of us ran! Radonich Ranch is beautiful, as you can see below. And the race ran along a mountain-top road looking down on the Santa Cruz Mountains. Top it all off with a pancake breakfast and a couple of winning raffle tickets! (Wine and an egg carton of bird seed.) Thanks guys! It was fun!

More pics on Smugmug.


Chris said...

OK, next time I'll be there too. After seeing these photos I'm doubly bummed that I didn't get on the ball and sign up. What a pretty area.

LJ and DC said...

Hurray! It was so fun. I totally love being met with bacon and accordians after a run. Thanks for the invite Molly!