Thursday, July 31, 2008

reducing consumption

Christian and I have been trying to reduce our consumption lately. We've been thinking a lot about how much we all throw away and how much we all recycle. Recycling is great and all, but reducing our initial consumption is just that much better.

In fact, concentrating on reducing consumption is going to keep me from spending money. With every thing I consider buying, I am stopping to think, "Is this worth the space in a landfill or the energy it takes to recycle it?" And it's usually not. Here are a couple of our tiny triumphs.

The day after we got back from Hawaii, Christian and I were at Target (I love Target) buying toilet paper or something like that. We walked past the ipods and Christian suggested we get one. I think he felt really bad that mine was stolen in Hawaii. But the ipods were in a special clamshell package merely to showcase the fact that it came with a gift card. So the 3-inch ipod and the 3-inch gift card were housed in a 15-inch plastic clamshell. We looked at the absolutely ridiculous use of plastic and walked away. No thank you.

At the grocery store, Christian grabbed some apple sauce for me. I normally get the individual sizes so I can take them to work. But then he immediately put it back on the shelf and grabbed the big jar, reminding me that we had little food containers at home that I could use to take apple sauce to work. Not to mention we can use the glass jar as a flower vase.

After swimming laps on Monday, April and I went to Target (did I mention I love that place?) to get a battery for my scale. (Little piece of advice--if you normally depend on a scale to warn you when you're gaining weight, don't let it sit there with a dead battery for over a month--very bad things could happen.) So at Target I was soooo thirsty. SO thirsty. And I almost bought myself a bottle of water. But I stopped to think about the fact that I would be home in less than a half hour and could just drink some water when I got home. I avoided spending money (even if it was just a dollar), and I used one less plastic bottle.

Baby steps, right?


LJ and DC said...

ugh! look at all those bottles. Grody when you look at it that way. And ps, my recycle bin is still under my desk. We must have a new cleaning crew.

Jared said...

FYI - I can get you an iPod without the nasty packaging and at the sooper seekrut friends and family price :-)

Veronica Cleverly said...

I am such a good bottle recycler. I have been collecting them and using them in my class. We are making noise shakers and wave machines for the kiddos to enjoy. When we are done they will go straight to the recycle center. Way to go for me using a plastic bottles more than drinking and recycling. There are so many uses for 'garbage' out there.

Tyler said...

Molly, that's too bad about your iPod. Is it just me or do you get things stolen on a pretty regular basis?