Wednesday, July 23, 2008

maui: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:
1. Enjoying Deirdre and Mike's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. We were honored to be a part of it.

2. Swimming with turtles every time we snorkeled. They're just so graceful. Underwater pics will hopefully follow shortly.
3. Shark spotting while scuba diving! Christian saw it. I was no doubt off marveling at a piece of coral.
4. Surf lessons! Ok, we were "surfing" on boards the size of garage doors going about 1 mile per hour, but at least we were standing up!
5. La Perouse bay. My favorite part of the island.

6. Sunsets.

7. Running all alone early in the morning in Hana.

8. Falling asleep to rain pouring on our tin roof in Hana.

9. The road back from Hana. We were way more awake on the way back and the rain and clouds made it so beautiful.

10. Geckos.

11. Discovering I'm an artist. Sure I traced an outline first, but the rest is all me, baby.

12. The Volcom store in Lahaina--a nice rash guard for me and nice pants for Christian.
13. Lots and lots of time with my best bud.

The Bad:
1. Leaving for Hawaii in serious need of a tan. Returning from Hawaii in serious need of a tan. (In my defense, Angie and Nuala both have Philipino blood.)

2. Christian puking off the side of the scuba boat.
3. Eating way too much food and candy. Wait. Is that bad?
4. The road to Hana during dry season. Still beautiful, but most of the "roaring" waterfalls were actually trickles at best.
5. Sleeping in a different bed for a week. Achy bodies are no fun.
6. Not buying a new camera before going to Hawaii. That sunset at La Perouse bay would have made a great picture. Would have--if the camera hadn't died. Like always.
7. Mosquito bites.
10. Losing the stickers for our dive log. They were in my hand in the car and not in my hand in the condo.
11. The poor turtle with a huge fishing hook in its arm. I didn't dare try to pull it out, but for how long he floated next to me, I was starting to think he was asking me to.

And The Ugly:
1. My hair in the morning.

2. The style of wearing your bikini bottom halfway down your butt. We saw one girl with a very nice butt that could almost pull it off. And one girl butt that definitely could not. I'm just not interested in seeing 4 inches of crack.
3. Getting my ipod stolen out of our car while scuba diving. So sad!
4. Hiking an hour on a lava trail (imagine walking on fist-sized lava rocks for an hour) only to find the snorkel spot too rough and having to turn around and hike all the way back. The first half hour was fun. After that it just sucked. To add insult to injury, the water was so clear we could see all the fish taunting us--just too rough to actually get in.

The good, the bad, and the ugly make for wonderful memories that we'll laugh about for a long time. We had an amazing vacation. Thanks for having us at your wedding, Deirdre! It was so beautiful!
See the rest of the pictures on our Smugmug page.


Deirdre said...

SQUEE!!! Your blog is so cute! Thanks so much for being a part of our special day. I have your votive placecards too if you want them as momentos :)

Julia said...

first, i must say that your hair looks SOOOO good (maybe even the morning picture). but that cut is just perfect for you.

i am so glad you had a good time ... vacations can't be perfect, that's for sure. but it looks like you were close. :) sorry about the ipod and stuff. booooo.

see you in a week molly. :)

LKC said...

Wow. Those pictures are amazing. And I love your short hair.

Ryan said...

That picture, where your hair is sticking out in every other direction?

Yeah, um, I think I just found my new desktop background picture.

LJ and DC said...

Congrats to Dierdre, she looks gorgeous. I probably should have gotten married in Hawaii right? Love the turtles, poor little guy with the hook in his fin! Ipod stealing sucks, and I'm proud of you for having stayed in Hana! And so jealous!
LOVE the pic of your bed-head. Now that's hot.

Christian said...

Isn't the bed head great. I am treated to that every morning.

Tyler said...

That looks like is was a blast. Love the hair!

Ashley C. said...

I can't believe you put that hair picture up!! Sorry, but that has to be the worst picture I've ever see of you :)

Amy Carter said...

yay!!! i love to see pictures. your hair is so crazy in the morning. i will retain that photo for blackmail in the future. its hilarious. glad you were brave enough to share it!

Holley said...

What beautiful pictures. It looks so fun (I'm jealous!)

JPMarie said...

Watch out there kid...Stranger danger...

Hey Molly...I am a JP & Minister and was out surfing the net and came upon your pictures first (excellent btw)...and then your blog.

You are too funny Molly definitely have this blog thing down to a science. And this is a great one.

I created one and lost it somewhere on line :P

Congrat's on your marriage and I hope life keeps ya laughing...even if your hair isn't co-operating! :)

Peace & :) & Have a nice life! :)

Marie Tyler Wiley

Molly said...

Hi Marie! You're welcome anytime. Glad you find my blog interesting!