Monday, June 16, 2008

thoughts from a bored molly

1. I want to go camping. I'd really like to actually use our tent and sleeping bags and lantern and whatever else is hiding in that closet. I love camping. I love waking up early in the morning under the trees. And I love the fact that we can zip our sleeping bags together. That way I can totally sleep on Christian's side and annoy him.

2. It's time to buy a new bra. I hate shopping for new bras with a passion. Nothing fits. Last time I had to venture into bra territory, the lady at Victoria's Secret had me try on every single bra in their magic little box of bras and I walked out of there with nothing. So when I find a bra that fits, I wear it into the ground. And mine are now worn into the ground to the point that I can't read the tag, so I can't even just buy the same one again. Sheesh. You'd think I'd learn.

3. Clothes for Hawaii. Deirdre's wedding is in one month. A few months ago Christian suggested that we go buy me a bunch of cute summer clothes when it got closer to leaving for Hawaii. (Not so subtle hint that the 3 outfits I wear over and over aren't Hawaii worthy.) I obviously thought that sounded like a marvelous idea. So yesterday I reminded him that it's time to go shopping. Looks like he's not so keen on the idea anymore for $$ reasons. Blasted! We should have gone shopping right when he suggested it.

4. Alone time. In 6 days we will officially be alone in our apartment. Richard will be off having a grand ol' time working at scout camp, and we will be home alone for almost 8 weeks. Although last Friday we were home alone with nothing to do. We sat around being bored until 10:45 when Christian looked at me and said, "Can it be time to go to sleep?" and we both happily killed the boredom by going to sleep. So life may not be all that exciting on our own. Does anyone want to come over and hang out with us next week? (And the week after, and the week after that...?)

5. My porch is perfectly set up for my plants, my table/chairs, and my vegetables. Turns out the spot where I put my vegetables used to get a ton of sun but doesn't anymore due to the sun being so far North now. Crap. Now I have to figure out how to rearrange my entire balcony so my veggies are in the sun. Grrrrrr.

6. My grandma just told us yesterday that she once dated the grandson of the then-president of Mexico. Not sure if that's 100% accurate, but it makes for a good story. The only problem was that she was also dating another guy and she mixed up their names. She's pretty sure she called the Mexican kid the wrong name for a long time until she introduced him to some people and he had to tell the people that wasn't his name. No wonder it didn't work out.

6. We went to a hoppin' birthday dinner for one of my favorite peeps, Jenni, and she was kind enough to let us play her Wii. I LOVED the tennis but didn't so much love the boxing. Christian and I boxed. He kicked my butt. So I hit him in the stomach. Literally. It was just supposed to be a friendly tap, but I realized I was holding the Wii and had to use my left hand. Since my left arm isn't as strong, I swung a little harder. And totally caught him off guard. Turns out my left arm is strong enough even without the extra effort. Poor Christian. I felt horrible all night. Note to self: don't beat up husband.


LJ and DC said...

Dear Molls, let's totally go camping! We haven't been this year at all yet and are dying to go!

Molly said...

I would LOVE to go camping with you guys. Let's pick a weekend.

Holley said...

The Wii is lots of fun! Kevin wants to try and trade all his systems and games and get a Wii now. I agree that the tennis is fun and the boxing isn't that great, but I don't like boxing anyway! My sister has a Hannah Montana dancing game. That was actually fun!

Jenni said...

We are going camping - but you're running a 10k that weekend! Boo! Also, cute summer clothes can be had at the banana republic outlet right now. And they're on sale. And finally, you guys can totally come play the Wii again sometime! We love the Mauers!

Carbonneau said...

We like to compete at Mario and Sonic Olympics; racing, swimming, trampoline, archery, etc...all with the arms, you should try it! maybe rent it if your friends are bored with wii play.
I hate shopping for bras too. It's hopeless.

Sally Teeple said...

We're going camping in Yosemite next weekend, and it'll be my first ever camping experience! I'm so excited. I'll tell you all about it.

Also, I found a Bra Whisperer at Nordstrom. You know, a woman who basically talks to your bra and figures out what's wrong with it and which bra you should actually be wearing. She was amazing. I highly recommend going to any Nordstrom bra department and getting help from their extremely knowledgeable employees, who for whatever reason often seem to be sweet older ladies from Eastern Europe.