Friday, June 6, 2008

smell detectors

People should not be allowed to wear cologne or perfume to work. Period. When you work in a cubicle, there are no smell boundaries. And I am one of those people who easily gets a headache from the smell of perfume and cologne. Sometimes I try wearing perfume, but I usually end up with a headache within a half hour.

But to have to sit at work smelling someone's fragrance is just not fair. Somtimes coworkers come into my cube to talk to me and it's obvious they used their perfume as body wash. Luckily no one has come into my cube yet today, but come on! If I can smell it from my where I'm sitting, it's too much. It's only 9:40am and I already have a headache.

We should create smell detectors. Just like a metal detector. And have them at the entrances of work and church (and race start lines for that matter). If it beeps when you go through, you're not allowed in.


Ashley C. said...

I remember when I went to SFSU, the cashiers office had a sign saying it was a 'Fragrance Free' zone or something like that. It listed all these things like perfume, cologne, lotions, fragrant detergents, etc. that couldn't be worn inside. I doubt students actually thought about it before they went there, but the staff probably had to follow it. Not a bad idea, especially for guys who think that girls actually LIKE their manly strong cologne.

Julia said...

as my mom always says "a little dab will do ya". :) seems like your smelling senses are quite heightened this week, molly! lots of smelling posts. you know what that is a sign of .......... :)

whitney said...

julia took the words right out of my mouth... maybe your pregnant. :)

Molly said...

Ha! I hadn't even thought of that. Definitely 100% not pregnant. I know for a fact. Not that I would tell you guys if I were, but rest assured that I'm not. :)

Jared said...

Yet another reason why The Office is the greatest show ever. From The Office, Season 3, Episode: The Merger:

Karen: "Ugh. What's that smell?"

Phyllis: "What smell?"

Karen: "It must be an air freshener plugged in somewhere. It smells like a funeral home."

Phyllis (moving toward Karen): "Oh, I'll help you find it."

Karen (trying not to vomit): "Oh, you know what? Never mind.

Phyllis: "What is it?"

Karen: "I think I'm just allergic to your perfume."

Phyllis: "My perfume?"

Karen: "It's just my crazy nose. I'm ... um ... used to different smells."

Phyllis: "Bob Vance bought this perfume for me in metropolitan Orlando. It's made from real pine."

Karen: "Who's Bob Vance?"

Phyllis: "You've a lot to learn about this town, sweetie."

sarah said...

true story: there's a lady in my office who sent out a firm-wide email telling everyone that a the smell of a certain person's cologne was offensive to her. some of the lines included were:

"the smell of your cologne is giving me headaches"

"because of your cologne i can't work out at night when i get home"

"the only thing i can smell from my cube is the scent of your strong cologne"

and here's the punchline - her spell check didn't catch the fact that she spelled cologne "c-o-l-o-n." it was probably the best day of my life when i got that email.

Molly said...

Jared--Just another reason I love you Frisbys.

Sarah--I just laughed out loud (in my cubicle) when I read "colon." That is hilarious! Cologne is bad enough. Let's all be grateful we're not smelling our coworkers colons, too!

Veronica Cleverly said...

I am soooo with you on that one!

Kaylynn said...

Could this detector please work for B.O.?

Anonymous said...

The duly answer