Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was looking at my Goodreads page just now (I rarely look at it) and realized that I have 3 books on my "have read" list and 5 books on my "currently reading" list. What's pathetic is that the 3 books I have read since I signed up with Goodreads were audio books we listened to on the way to Alabama, so technically I didn't even read them. And the 5 books in my "currently reading" list mean that I started reading them some time in the last two years and just haven't actually gotten around to finishing them. I think that clearly means I'm not a reader. In fact, I've been reading Retrato en Sepia for exactly a year and a half now. Who takes a year and a half to read a book? I could use the excuse that it's in Spanish, but that's not a very good excuse considering I read Spanish just fine.

I think my newest goal will be to walk to the train more often. If I walk to the train instead of riding my bike, I get read the entire 20 minutes it takes to walk to the station. And the same on the way home. It makes me feel so relaxed and lazy and like I don't have a care in the world. I walk extra slow because it gives me more time to read. But seriously--if you've never had the chance, go read a book while you walk. I have only hurt myself once (severely stubbed my toe on a curb--it came out of nowhere!), which is way better than my track record while riding a bike.

Ok, this is too funny. A wiki site on how to read while walking. The tips and warnings are hilarious.

I am finishing Retrato en Sepia before the month is over. Just watch.


Veronica Cleverly said...

Molly, I couldn't agree more with the tips. Please don't read while walking on the stairs because it is true, you might fall.

Mer. said...

I love Isabel Allende's writing. Let me know how this book is when you're done.

Chris said...

I've thought of reading during my 45 min. am walks, because I love to multitask, but I might not be able to walk as fast, and couldn't enjoy the scenery. I assume you also read on the train?

Molly said...

V-I wouldn't read while walking down stairs, but I'd probably read while walking up them.

Mer-It's good so far. I'm really not too far from being done. Lots of interesting history about Chile that I would have never known (since I don't even know our own country's history). I even bought Eva Luna with plans to read that when I'm done.

Mom-It definitely requires slow walking. And we wouldn't want anymore skate ramp incidents, right? :) I do read on the train, but not if I have my bike, because I usually just stand up in the bike car. Unless the book is already in my hand, it just takes too much time to hook up my bike, get the book out, read, and put it back away in time to unhook my bike and "detrain" (as the conductors call it).

d/b/c/m said...

ha ha! no worries! it took my over a year to read my favorite book and two years to read les mis. some books you just have to take breaks from and read some quick easy stuff between... or at least the first few chapters of some other stuff :-)

Jenni said...

There is a lady who walks around our neighborhood and she's always reading a book while she walks. I have no idea who she is or where she lives, but I have been seeing her walk around the neighborhood for years. I probably see her a couple times a month and I've never seen her without her nose in a book. In all of the time I've been seeing her, I've never seen her trip or fall. And I've always been impressed that she can walk and read at the same time safely!