Friday, June 6, 2008

100% not pregnant

As my lovely lady friends so kindly pointed out, I posted 2 posts in one week about smelling things. Sure sign of a pregnant lady, right? Ha! Rest assured that if I were pregnant and smells were bothering me, I sure wouldn't post about it. And if I were feeling sick because of pregnancy, I definitely would't post about that either. So if I post that I'm sick (which I am--cold) or tired (which I'm not--just bored) or smelling things (which I was earlier today), you can be 100% sure it isn't it's not because I'm pregnant--otherwise I wouldn't tell you. So enjoy my smelly posts!

Ooh, speaking of smelling things, has anyone been out for a walk lately? The star jasmine is in full bloom and smells wonderful! Go outside, everyone. It's nice out.

Oh, and Julia--I'll get pregnant when you get pregnant. Deal? :)

1 comment:

Julia said...

hmmmmm, you might be waiting awhile miss molly! :) so fun.