Monday, June 30, 2008


So in honor of Christian coming home, I made him dinner. (Side note: currently sitting in my living room breathing in my neighbor's marijuana. Lovely.)

Back to Christian. I made him dinner. Too bad he's not here. But he can have some when he gets home at 10:30pm!

I was looking up ideas for my fresh mint. Yes, I know you can use mint in all sorts of things, but I wanted something special. I came across a recipe for spring rolls and my mind was set. Granted, I didn't even use the recipe, but the idea was what counted.

So here are my spring rolls (mango, avocado, cabbage, radish, peanut sauce), tofu in peanut sauce (a la Rich--Ashley's friend), and rice. As you can see, I completely forgot to use my mint, so I used it as garnish. It was so yummy! And the mint really did top it off just right. I hope Christian likes it in 3 hours!


Ashley said...

Wow--that looks beautiful! Glad you are getting Christian back!

Julia said...

yay for christian being home. fab dinner.

LJ and DC said...

hello that looks delicious! Was it as yummy as it looks?