Monday, June 30, 2008

he'll be comin round the mountain eventually

Christian is on his way home! He has been in Alabama for the last week hanging out with the Derbys. Ok, he was working part of that time, but I'm still jealous. And after a week, I'm certainly ready for him to come home.

I have a feeling he's not exactly going to be a happy camper by the time he gets here. He left Huntsville at 9:40am (7:40am California time). Then he went to Atlanta and hung out there for a few hours. Now he's flying to Las Vegas. After an hour he'll head to Salt Lake City. THEN he'll head to San Jose--arriving at 10:00pm. Talk about the flight from hell, huh?

(Trivia: Can you point out all those places on the map?)


Chris said...

So, I definitely got SLC and Las Vegas, probably Atlanta, and Huntsville?? no clue. Besides, I was telling everyone he was in Las Vegas for work this week. Sorry, about spreading false rumors. I'm so glad he'll be home soon.

Ashley C. said...

Ha, I'm a geography idiot.

Molly said...

No wonder Ashley thought he was in Vegas. Mom is the culprit.

LJ and DC said...

I totally can not tell you where half of those spots are, but I bet Christian will be able to!