Friday, June 13, 2008

congrats to dianna!

Oh! I realized I never posted Dianna's good news! (In case you're out of the loop, Dianna is Christian's sister who has been our roomie for the last 10 months). Well Dianna landed a sweet nanny job for a family in our ward! (Special thanks to Kristen for forwarding us the job post!)

Dianna gets her own apartment and a car to use. Not to mention a default membership at the country club where I used to take the kids I nannied. Seriously--getting a tan and eating free food from the food stand was not exactly a hard life.

She gets to move into her new apartment tomorrow (and will be joined by her long-lost BFF from Arkansas in about 5 days). Although I'm not sure how she's going to pull off the move since it looks like her room got hit by a tornado and then vomitted into the hall. Ha!

Dianna--You will do great and you will love it. Sure, you'll have days when you think you're going to go crazy, but just remember that you get to leave after dinner and go play with your friends while most moms just keep "nannying" all night long. Congrats!

(PS--To those of you who used or were thinking about using Dianna's babysitting services, have no fear. BFF from Arkansas (Jill) is ready to take over.)

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Jenna said...

hey Molly...I haven't tried it yet due to having braces! I will as soon as I get them off. It seems like a deal for $26. Have a good day!