Sunday, June 22, 2008

becoming a rock star

Today I'm becoming a rock star.

I rescued my guitar from the dungeon that was Richard's closet and now it's safe again in my room. I have decided to re-teach myself to play. Not that I was any good before, but at least I knew a few chords. I don't seem to know anything anymore.
Here is my 10-step program for becoming a rock star.

Step 1: Look up some songs online.

Step 2: Find my "Gig Bag Book of Guitar Tab Chords" and re-teach myself how to stretch my poor little fingers into the right positions.

Step 4: Remember that I can't play the guitar with nails and chop my nails off. Yeah. I'm hard core.

Step 5: Figure out a couple chords.

Step 6: Start singing along as soon as I possibly can since that's really all I want to do.

Step 7: Why the heck is B so hard to play? Do I need longer fingers? More fingers? Should I just buy a piano?

Step 8: Have no idea how to strum. Remember there's this thing called a pick. Ah, much better. (I learned to play flamenco guitar, which is all plucking and um finger flicking, so this whole strumming thing is about the hardest thing I've ever done.)

Step 9: Feel sorry for Christian in the other room. This must be painful to listen to.

Step 10: Fingers hurt. Back hurts. Christian's ears probably hurt. Call it a day and try again tomorrow. I'm gonna be a rock star.


Julia said...

B. it takes a minute, but your fingers will get used to the strings again
C. guitar rocks ... how fun molly!

Jenni said...

I'm also going to become a rock star today. We're getting Rock Band!!!!

mrfixitafrica said...

Hi Molly

I am Trevor Field the founder of the PlayPump system here in South Africa i picked up your blog from my Google alert....glad you like my system thanks for the plug!

I see you want to be a rock star! well check out this is my daughter, she is well on the way to becoming a rock star!!!!!listen to a couple of her samples and let me know what you think .....tell all of the USA

peace and love


Molly said...

Hi Trevor! Glad you found me. Great job on the PlayPump! Keep it up.

Fun to hear your daughter's music! She is very talented. Best of luck to her!