Wednesday, May 7, 2008

thursday nights

Christian and I finally caught up on all the past episodes of lost. Multiple times over the last week, I have said to Christian, "Let's watch Lost!" only for him to remind me that we're all caught up and we have to wait until the upcoming episode on TV. Such a contrast to all our online-Lost watching. So Christian looked up what night Lost is on.


Thursdays are from Heaven. I'm sure of it.

8:00pm - Ugly Betty
8:00pm - Survivor
9:00pm - The Office
9:30pm - 30 Rock
10:00pm - Lost

And since Survivor shows up on On Demand a couple days later, I can convince Richard that we want to watch Ugly Betty at 8 and save Survivor for later. Although I'm not sure if he will go for that. Oh wait. It's my TV.

I love Thursdays!

Now the challenge will be if I can just remember not to schedule things on Thursday nights.


LKC said...

Oh, Thursday night tv makes me miss America. I'm waiting until the DVDs come out for UB and 30Rock, but I'm buying all of Lost on itunes. My friends got me hooked on Lost out here and I've watched the entire series in the past 2 months. I swear, it's the best ever! I was actually contemplating writing a whole blog about how great Lost is.

Molly said...

Oh, check out to see if your shows are online. Look at me promoting businesses. Barney Butter,, what's next?

nicole said...

I love Thursdays too! or you can watch your favorites on! just don't be tempted to watch at work... :)

Mer. said...

You are not alone.

We are Lost/The Office addicts as well.

It's too bad we're not neighbors. We could have a party every Thursday!

Julia said...

so here's mine:
(Tivo saves my butt!)
8:30 - Scrubs
9:00 - The Office
9:00 - Grey's
9:30 - 30 Rock
10:00 - Lost

I love Thursdays too!

Molly said...

Oh man. Yes. Grey's Anatomy. I miss that show. But I haven't watched it in over a year, so I have no idea what's going on. Without TiVo, The Office wins in our household. I might have to start watching Grey's online in order to catch up. Then we can get TiVo and watch Ugly Betty, The Office, 30 Rock, Lost, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, and even Scrubs all in a row! We'd be up til 1:00am every Thursday night. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Chris said...

Glad I read your comments, because I was about to add "Hey, what about Grey's Anatomy" which we all know is my favorite.