Tuesday, May 6, 2008

test results and free stuff

Got the results back from my graduate papers. I passed! I guess I wasn't really that worried about not passing. Granted, I didn't exactly pass with flying colors on every one of my papers, but I passed and that's really all that matters. Yay!

And I got free stuff in the mail! In my last post, I received a comment from the maker of Barney Butter almond butter. And two days later I received a free sample of the almond butter! And not just a little sample, a whole jar!

So I did a taste test. Bet you can't tell which one is mine.

Of course, hers was super yummy. And mine was watery. Hahaha. Hey, it was my first try. Next time I'm removing the skins and not adding any oil. A little more salt, too. Granted, the Barney Butter has cane juice in it, which makes it yummy and sweet. But I think I want to see if I can make it with just nuts and salt. Can't wait to make my next batch!

But for all of you who don't want to make your own, I highly recommend the Barney Butter. I've never tried any other brand, but it is pretty yummy. Enjoy!


Julia said...

first, congrast on passing. that is fantastic news.

and second, blogging world rocks! you meet all sorts of cool people with cool stuff! hope you are doing well - and SLEEPING AND CELEBRATING!

Sally Teeple said...

Free almond butter is nothing to sneeze at. That stuff is expensive! (I seem to remember it being about $5 a jar at Trader Joe's.) But it's sooo worth it. I've never even thought about making it, but now you've given me all sorts of ideas... Like, what about peanut/almond butter! Or almond/hazelnut butter! The possibilities are endless.

Missed you last night at the get-together, but you were there with us in spirit. We'll all get to party together a bit at graduation. : )