Sunday, May 4, 2008

pm in San Jo

Friday night Christian and I went on a night ride with Ashley and some of her friends. Turned out Ashley and I were the only girls who showed up.

We all met at the MLK library in San Jose. Me, Christian, Ashley, Jose, Rich (Ashley's roommate), and a bunch of guys I don't know. We took off around 8pm and headed out toward the bay.

Most of the guys (including Christian) were riding fixed gears. I have no idea how they do that. My knees would be shot. The funny thing about riding with them is that they avoid stopping at all costs. I would, too, if I were on a fixie. I normally stop at every stoplight and stopsign (I play it super safe on the road), so it was really fun being out in a pack of people who didn't pay much attention to lights. Not to mention Rich had music blasting from speakers on his backpack. It's hard not to feel cool when you're riding down the street in a pack with your own theme music.

After 11 miles and a lovely trip past the dump and the water treatment plants--if I grow a third arm, you'll know why--we reached the marsh. If you've never been out there, let me explain. There is a raised wooden path that goes out over the marsh. The path is about 3 feet above the marsh and zig-zags back and forth. We all rode out the path, with me in the back fearing for my life. You see, my feet were clipped into the pedals. And zig-zagging over a 4-foot-wide raised path isn't exactly what I would recommend while wearing clipless pedals. One wrong move and I was going into the marsh. Scary! But I made it.

When we turned around to head home, we noticed we lost half the group. I went back to find them, which was also quite scary. Riding all by myself in the dark to find people who had suddenly disappeared. Sounds like a horror movie in the making. Turns out a couple of the guys had collided and bent a bike rim. As I headed back to the front group to report, I hit the railroad tracks too hard and pssssssssss--there went my front tire. 10:00pm out in the middle of nowhere. Bent wheel, popped tire, lots of cold people. Lovely. Some of the guys walked with the other broken bike all the way to the light rail. But Christian fixed my tire in record time and we rode all the way back.

Cold, sore, hungry, and still rocking out to Rich's music, we made it back to San Jose. And boy was it hoppin'. Oh yeah! Cinco de Mayo weekend in San Jose! Everyone was out cruising the streets.

Awesome. So we weaved through the Mexican flags and ended the night with lots of food from Iguanas in downtown San Jose.

Not a bad Friday night if you ask me.


Ashley C. said...

Not a bad Friday night indeed. We'll have to do it again soon...or maybe when the weather warms up a bit!

Veronica Cleverly said...

That sounds like so much fun! If we wanted to do that we would have to pay for a babysitter. Yuck!

LJ said...

poor Brody would be so jealous!

Molly said...

Oh no! Next time we'll invite Brody. Although I can't imagine going 22 miles on a fixed gear. Sheesh.

d/b/c/m said...

i'm jealous! that looked so fun! i love it when things go wrong--makes a trip adventurous. seemed like such a fun group, too.

d/b/c/m said...

i'm jealous! that looked so fun! i love it when things go wrong--makes a trip adventurous. seemed like such a fun group, too.