Tuesday, May 27, 2008

new favorite run

We had a wonderful weekend in Tahoe. Warm? Absolutely not. The average high was probably about 45 degrees and the sun only peeked through the clouds on Sunday. We raked pine needles, dragged trash-can-loads of pine needles down the road to the dumpster, shopped in Tahoe City, went out to dinner, hiked at Bliss Park, ate a lot, read a lot, and napped a lot. It was definitely a relaxing weekend. In fact, it was so relaxing that I was bored by the end of the weekend. It's hard for a go-go-go person to stop-stop-stop. :)

But on Sunday morning, Ashley and I decided to return to the Rubicon Trail at Bliss Park and go on a little run. After layering on warm running clothes, driving partway to Bliss Park, waiting a half hour for a fallen tree to be chopped up and hauled off the road (we were determined to run that trail--so we waited), we finally made it to the trail. We bypassed the lighthouse trail by jumping onto the Rubicon trail from up on the access road. We were planning on making it an easy 30-40 minute out-and-back, but the farther we ran, the more beautiful it was. So we figured what the heck? Why not run all the way to Emerald Bay? So our 30-40 minute run turned into an hour-and-20-minute run.

This could be my new favorite run in Tahoe. The trail is perfect for running, the views of the lake are breathtaking, and the descents and climbs are (for the most part) gradual. Once again, I wish I had a teeny camera I could take on all my runs. We stopped dead in our tracks to the sound of rustling and what almost sounded like hammering only to find a HUGE woodpecker on the tree next to us. He was so big that his claws on the bark sounded like a large animal in the underbrush. We also stopped a number of times to try to locate the low, bass-like sound that we could only guess was an owl. It was a little spooky. Of course we stopped to take in the views, walk up some switchbacks, and look at wild flowering heuchera and a beautiful lupin ground cover (which I will probably spend hours trying to find to add to my list of plants I want in my future garden). The lake was perfectly calm, the sky was cloudy, the mountains were newly dusted with snow, and we had the trail almost entirely to ourselves. I can't wait to go back.

Pileated Woodpecker (source):

View of lake from Bliss Park (source and more details about the trail):

Part of the Rubicon Trail (source):


Ashley C. said...

Don't tell people where it is!! You'll ruin the secret :)

Julia said...

hah, secret ruined! oh, wait. i just remembered i'm TWO THOUSAND MILES away from the blasted trail. how beautiful molly. i'm glad you had such a good run. especially with the sis. :)

lisamarie said...

Amazing. Tahoe is seriously one of the greatest places on earth - especially when no one else is up there! I couldn't believe how desolate it was - we had the same experience on our hikes too and I loved every minute of it. Chilly, yes, but beautiful and refreshing beyond belief!