Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kind of fun

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new favorite run

We had a wonderful weekend in Tahoe. Warm? Absolutely not. The average high was probably about 45 degrees and the sun only peeked through the clouds on Sunday. We raked pine needles, dragged trash-can-loads of pine needles down the road to the dumpster, shopped in Tahoe City, went out to dinner, hiked at Bliss Park, ate a lot, read a lot, and napped a lot. It was definitely a relaxing weekend. In fact, it was so relaxing that I was bored by the end of the weekend. It's hard for a go-go-go person to stop-stop-stop. :)

But on Sunday morning, Ashley and I decided to return to the Rubicon Trail at Bliss Park and go on a little run. After layering on warm running clothes, driving partway to Bliss Park, waiting a half hour for a fallen tree to be chopped up and hauled off the road (we were determined to run that trail--so we waited), we finally made it to the trail. We bypassed the lighthouse trail by jumping onto the Rubicon trail from up on the access road. We were planning on making it an easy 30-40 minute out-and-back, but the farther we ran, the more beautiful it was. So we figured what the heck? Why not run all the way to Emerald Bay? So our 30-40 minute run turned into an hour-and-20-minute run.

This could be my new favorite run in Tahoe. The trail is perfect for running, the views of the lake are breathtaking, and the descents and climbs are (for the most part) gradual. Once again, I wish I had a teeny camera I could take on all my runs. We stopped dead in our tracks to the sound of rustling and what almost sounded like hammering only to find a HUGE woodpecker on the tree next to us. He was so big that his claws on the bark sounded like a large animal in the underbrush. We also stopped a number of times to try to locate the low, bass-like sound that we could only guess was an owl. It was a little spooky. Of course we stopped to take in the views, walk up some switchbacks, and look at wild flowering heuchera and a beautiful lupin ground cover (which I will probably spend hours trying to find to add to my list of plants I want in my future garden). The lake was perfectly calm, the sky was cloudy, the mountains were newly dusted with snow, and we had the trail almost entirely to ourselves. I can't wait to go back.

Pileated Woodpecker (source):

View of lake from Bliss Park (source and more details about the trail):

Part of the Rubicon Trail (source):

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

cow power

PG&E is converting poop into power. Awesome.

stand up straight

I just got the photos from the Santa Cruz Half Marathon (I mean I "borrowed" them from the race photo web site). You remember? This was the race I totally didn't want to run and let myself walk a ton. Lazy me.

Coincidently, Kaylynn just recently posted about running posture on Love to Run. I commented that it took me a while to learn that I really have to pull back my shoulders for race photos, because I tend to hunch when I'm getting tired.

But I was so excited when I saw my race photos! I wasn't hunched at all, and I certainly don't remember posing for a camera guy. Although I probably blocked a lot out of my memory from that race, so I'm sure I saw the camera guy, since they're usually hard to miss.

So exciting!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

catch up

Lots of catch up and a million pictures! (No, really--there are a TON of pictures.)

Last Saturday: Cabrillo Plant Sale with Ashley, Mom, and Cindi. I somehow escaped with only 10 dollars worth of vegetable plants. I can't say the same for the other ladies. I think all these pictures are on my mom's camera and on my phone. Oops.

Last Sunday: Mother's Day at Tyler and Ashley's house! Yummy food. Lots of entertainment provided by Charlie and Diego. And good family time.

Flowers with my mom and a basil plant in a glass bell for Amy's birthday.

Mom opening her gift. Ivan hanging out in the background.

Tyler and his boys. Look at those cuties!

I couldn't get a good shot of Charlie, but I got a great shot of his beautiful hair!

One of Ashley's birthday gifts. We love cake stands! (Can you tell? She's saying "ooooh.")

Dad enjoying from the side.

Well hello, Max!

Ashley, me, and Christian.

Wednesday night: Christian didn't feel so good. So I made him dinner. I'm such a good wife. Yep. That's eggs and bacon.

Friday evening: Graduation! All done. It feels good. It was good to celebrate with family and good friends from the program. I will certainly miss seeing my classmates every week. Christian's family was there, too, but for some reason all the pictures with them must have been on my mom's camera. Graduation was a little unorganized, but that made it pretty amusing. I had no desire to walk in my undergrad graduation, but this was such an intimate small setting (less than 40 students at the ceremony) and I am so glad I went. Thank you, Christian, for putting up with my many evenings away at school, tutoring, and teaching! You have been so supportive, and I think it's time I come home after work and hang out with you. I love you!

Saturday: Family time up in Loomis. The day started with a 5K/10K in Folsom. It was HOT! I'm pretty sure it was almost 80 degrees when we started. That really doesn't sound that hot, but once you start running and the sun is beating down on you, it feels a lot hotter than that. Not to mention they had 2 water stops in the first 2 1/2 miles, and then nothing until after mile 5. We were seriously looking for water stops around every turn, but no such luck. It really was that hot. But then we got to hang out at the park after the race eating and relaxing.

Camden and Quincee running the kids fun run. Notice them smoking that kid to their right. Go girls!

Go Camden! (She walked the 5K with my mom after the kids run.)

Go Quincee!

This was the finish line. Talk about lots of people!

Ian and me recovering in the shade. Dad walked the 5K pushing a stroller. He deserves a round of applause, too.

Amy playing with Diego.

Dad and Mom enjoying the shade.

Poor Charlie lost his balloon. He's watching it fly away. His face says everything.

Quincee showing off her race number. (Turns out all of the kids were #1.)

I think this is my favorite picture of Camden from the weekend.

Tyler and Ashley rocked the 5K. They smoked Ian and me right at the start and disappeared into the crowd.

Christian ran the 1/2-mile fun run with the girls. I'm so proud of him.

I got in the car and looked in the mirror and had to take a double take. Yep, that is my melasma worse than it has ever been. Wow. It faded later that day, but I couldn't believe how dark it was.

The rest of the day consisted of swimming, eating napping, playing with babies, and eating a little more.

Taitum met us at the door all ready to swim!

Christian and Sutton. Aren't they adorable?

Max blowing bubbles for me. Sadly, Tyler and Ashley had to rush off to a wedding, so we didn't get much Charlie and Max time.

Sutton and Max. It was really cute watching them interact.

Mom and Diego.

The girls--all ready for the pool!

Christian and the babies!

Me and Sutton!

Taitum the swimmer!

My dad and Diego are such good buddies.

Nice jump, Quincee!

He's such a model!

Diego FINALLY got in the water and he loved it!

Mom, Quincee, and Tait.

We found a black widow in the little pool slide. Scary! But Dad and Ian killed it.

Notice the water flying at the camera.

I love this shot of Camden.

Ian cooking the meat while Kitty slaved away inside on the rest of the food. Wait! I didn't end up with any pictures of Kitty! Or Ashley! How did they manage that?

Hanging out with Amy.

Incredible! We called the the Taitum Pole! Christian entertained the girls in the pool for hours. They love him!

Taitum floating for me.

Sunday: April was nice enough to pick up my first box of produce from the Full Belly Farm and Christian and I walked over to her house after church to pick it up. Of course, I gave her half the produce in exchange for picking up the box for me, so this is my half. And as promised, I helped cook dinner by making roasted potatoes and carrots.

It has been a great couple of weeks. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!