Wednesday, April 16, 2008

quite the chef

I worked my butt off at work today, drove straight to East Palo Alto, taught a 2-hour ESL class, drove home, and just sat down to eat something. It's 10 o'clock at night. I'm tired. I could be going through class materials right now, but seriously--who wants to start studying at 10 at night? Not me. So I'm blogging and going to bed.

I had to blog tonight, because I gave myself a good laugh. Not as good as the stoplight incedent, but funny. I had a little too much sugar today (hmmm, could it be the gummy candy?), so I definitely needed real food tonight. I noticed we had frozen chicken breast tenders from Costco in the freezer. Perfect.

The tenders are the easiest things ever. Thanks to the advice of my good friend Jennifer (who is so far away in Alabama!), I now stick them in the microwave for a minute, then throw them in the oven. So easy. So I pulled out a couple pieces, put them on a plate, and turned around to stick them in the microwave.

What? Where did the microwave go??

It moved. A few months ago.

This, people, is what I mean when I say that I don't cook. I mean that I really never cook. You see, this proves that the last time I pulled out chicken breast tenders, stuck them on a plate, and nuked them for a minute was before we moved the microwave. No joke. The process was pure habit. I could do it in my sleep. Only in my sleep the microwave would have been in the right place.

Crisis averted. I turned around again, walked to where the microwave really is, and went on with my evening. Then I baked some yams (yes, from a can), and steamed some broccoli. The broccoli was fresh, thank you very much.

For dessert I'm considering eating my first strawberry of the year. Thanks for the strawberry plants, Ashley!

Speaking of Ashley, if you want to see some real cooking, check out her blog. Yummy!


Christian said...

Your title is very misleading but I guess its a good thing that you at least know how to use a microwave... once you've found it!

Carbonneau said...

looks like you had a great meal! strawberries...yum...I planted 6 strawberry plants this year. The fourth time the dog dug them up I decided they were probably all dead and I didn't need to try replanting them, yet again...maybe next year. :/

Ashley said...

There you go again...biting my style. I make a food blog and suddenly you're a chef. Really, Molly, you need to start living your own life! :)

ps. I almost ate my first strawberry of the year today too! I made myself wait though. Tomorrow it might be long as that squirrel doesn't get it first.

Molly said...

Christian--What would I do without you??

Kati--That's so sad! Definitely try again next year. Put a little fence around them. Or over them!

Ashley--I made myself wait until this morning to eat my strawberry! I, too, was worried the squirrels would eat it overnight! They didn't, and it was yummy. Worth the wait.

nicole said...

yep yummy chicken! thanks for the great idea!