Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's a good life. I think I love being at home during the day. Especially since Christian works at home. He worked, I worked. I watered my plants. We talked about the bumble bee that visits our plants every day. I ate my strawberry. We had lunch together. He worked. I worked. It was nice.

So want to see what I did all day? Can you say post-its?

Yep. I used a lot of little post-its today.

And I did some yoga.

Judging by my glowing legs, I probably should have been out in the sun getting a tan instead of sitting inside. Hmmm. Maybe that will be my next goal--buy some self tanner so my legs won't glow in pictures.

I realized this morning why I'm not nervous about these papers I have to write this weekend. I have been in this program for 3 years. After 3 years, I'd better know how to write a paper. After 3 years, I'd better know this material well enough to write something sensible. After 3 years, I have no reason to be nervous. Granted, if for some strange reason I don't pass I'll have to rethink that logic. But I'm 99.9% sure I'll pass. Let me tell you why.

Anyone who does well in this (or any) graduate program should be able to pass the final exam. Now, this may sound prideful, but I need to make a point. I have received an A in all my MA classes (well, with the exception of a B in an elective course in a different department, and an F in an elective course that I thought I dropped before the semester even started and didn't realize it until the semester was over. Oops!). But back to the A's. Here's where the educator in me comes out. If you give a student A's throughout their entire education, you are providing the student with feedback that says they are doing an exceptional job. If at the end of everything you give them a comprehensive exam and they do not pass, who failed?

Of course, there are many variables, but let's look at the three most likely reasons in the situation of a consistent A student: 1) The student failed--due to external and most likely uncontrollable circumstances, the student was distracted and performed poorly and out of character, 2) The exam failed--the exam did not accurately assess what the student was taught throughout the program, or 3) The program failed the student by not giving accurate feedback along the way, giving the student the impression that his/her work was up to par. If you're going to test a student, you'd better prepare that student well for the test, right? Right.

Ok. Time for bed. I have to go pick up the questions in the morning so I can get started. My goal is a paper a day in order to be done Sunday night. Christian said I should try to be done with all 3 by Saturday night. I just laughed at him. It sounds nice, but I'm the slowest paper-writer ever. So aiming for Sunday night (instead of the 5pm deadline on Monday) is pretty ambitious for me.

Sally, if you read this--GOOD LUCK! See you in the morning! Let's do this!


Mer. said...

Oooh! Your post-it work is very pretty!

Good luck on everything!

Carbonneau said...

Along the lines of preparing a student...I got a major in Spanish. Yet I never have felt like I completely handled the language...I almsot feel like they failed me in letting me pass all the classes and get the degree if I didn't feel like I could communicate well enough to get a job doing something like say...translating?? just as an example. I guess it depends on the emphasis of the school. But anyhow, I totally agree with you. If you can get pretty much all A's you should be ready! BUT GOOD LUCK ANYHOW!!

Sally Teeple said...

I want to suggest that our department instate a new policy: If you got straight As in your classes, then you should be exempt from taking the comps! Alas, no such policy exists.

I'm currently taking a break before my last spasm of writing for the night.

Good luck to you too!

d/b/c/m said...

Oh my gosh. I'm completely blown away by your dedication. I'm so glad that not everyone is like you so I have some chance of normalcy in this life.
I'd wish you good luck, but it looks like you have absolutely no need for luck. How about "Enjoy your candy."

Beach on Monday? I'm up for it!