Thursday, April 3, 2008


Breathing can be both a voluntary and an involuntary muscle movement. Most of the time it's involuntary--it just happens on its own, kind of like our heart beating. So unless you have problems with your lungs or unless your lungs are "burning" from exercise, you rarely notice them.

Last week I noticed my lungs. I was just watching TV with Christian and I noticed breathing seemed to take more effort and I felt slightly short of breath. Imagine the adrenaline feeling you get in your chest when someone startles you. Couple that with feeling slightly short of breath. Yeah--it was wierd.

The feeling kept up on and off for a couple days. I had a hard run on Wednesday--my lungs felt like they were going to pop. I was so confused. But then I had an absolutely horrible run on Saturday. I felt like I was running up a big hill the entire 10 miles, even though the trail is relatively flat. It was too much to handle. I was completely useless the rest of the day.

I've been afraid to run since. It was that bad.

When I started to get out of breath on Sunday just talking to my friend, April, she said, "You should go see the doctor about it." April is such a genious.

You know? Sometimes I forget doctors exist. And I work at a School of Medicine.

The doctor told me it may be due to allergies (nooooo!) or a congested sinus. So he prescribed me an antihistimine/degongestant and... an inhaler! (Noooooooooo!) (PS--the inhaler has done nothing for me. I've used it twice.)

But this morning I decided I couldn't sit on my butt and watch my 2-hour half marathon slip away. So I laced up my shoes and went running. And do you know what? I was fine. My lungs are still bothering me off and on, but I think it will pass. Perhaps the decongestant is fixing the problem. Perhaps it's just something my body is working through.

So for now, I'm back in the game. And I have a new appreciation for my lungs, which work tirelessly day in and day out to let me enjoy my crazy life.


Julia Wade said...

when's the race?

Molly said...

Nine days...

Molly said...

On April 12th.

Anonymous said...

Occasionally opened your blog. Here's what I have to say 'bout your problem with lungs.
I've got the same one but the only thing that realy can help here is to calm down and stop fraying your nerves. It really works and takes away some other malaise. And why is it so that doctors in your country prescribe antibiotics even if you have just a simple head ache?

Molly said...

pten4ick - Glad to know you stopped by! And I've been wondering also if stress has to do with it. I've been pretty busy and stressed lately, and I agree--I just need to relax and breath a little and maybe it will go away. Yes, we do use a bit too much medicine here. I think people want to know they're being "fixed" and medicine makes them feel that way. It would be nice to integrate more herbal medicine and homeopathic remedies into our health care, don't you think?

Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

Well, I am glad this is temporary and you are feeling better. I would love it if that were the case for Josh but alas he doesn't do well without his inhaler.

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

I'm so glad your lungs are feeling better. You've totally got the sub-2 in the bag! It's just a really long tempo run! And with all the adrenaline of race day, I totally know you can do it!

Murphy Mania said...

Woo-hoo! I made it into Molly's blog! AND I'm a genius. Well I can check that off my list of things to do. Glad you're feeling better. Hoping it's just stress so you don't have to deal with allergies the rest of your life. So just relax. HA! ok, maybe you can do that next month. :-)
Good luck on your race!