Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a little too much

I'm deep into studying for comps. What that really means is that I'm organizing all the stuff I've collected from my 6 core classes over the last 3 years. I'm literally going through every page of notes, handouts, reading packets, etc. and labeling them with post-its. Sounds very exciting, huh? The point is to be able to find information easily this weekend. I have to write 3 papers in 4 days. My plan is to write 3 papers in 3 days and sleep on the fourth. Or maybe go hiking. Or maybe go to the beach. And stay-at-home-moms want to join me? It's not often I have a weekday open.

So this is what my couch looks like. While I was setting everything out, I thought, "Wow! It looks like Christmas!" immediately followed by, "Nevermind. It looks like Hell."

Christian was sweet and came home with an entire bag of salt water taffy for me. It's hard to moderate my intake while sitting on my butt for hours at a time.

Tonight I went to Walgreens for bleach and hit the jackpot--a 2.4-pound bag of gummy candy.

So here is what I have sitting next to me while I study. I know. It's horrible. But soooooo good.

Ok. I have to go write a lesson plan. 6 more days til I'm done with comps!!!


Murphy Mania said...

oo-oo, pick me, pick me! I want to go to the beach. Good luck with everything- let me know if you need me to bring you icecream to go with your gummi bears. :-)

Julia Wade said...

good freaking luck, molly!! you will be great.

Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

If I could join you on your free weekday I would in a peloponnesian minute!

Molly said...

Last week I was totally worried about this exam. So worried I couldn't even think. But this week I'm walking around in cloud 9, having fun listening to music at work, eating lots of candy, and super excited that today is Wednesday and that I get to do my papers soon and that I'm almost done!! (How's that for a long sentence?)

Kaylynn said...

You are going to be awesome! I think it's no coincidence that your toughest running times are coming during your toughest mental times. We can be all there in every department! I say school is wayyyy more important anyhow.