Friday, April 25, 2008

face moisturizer

Anyone have suggestions for a light, non-greasy face moisturizer that has a high SPF protection? There are lots of moisturizers that advertise having SPF 15, but I'm looking for a great moizturizer that has an SPF rating higher than 30 with UVA/UVB protection.

I just came across this ~H20+ Waterwhite Brightening Lotion SPF 30.

My sister uses a lot of H2O products, so I think I might have to jump on her bandwagon. While I was hoping for something with an even higher SPF, I have lots of melasma splotches on my face. (Melasma is also called "The Mask of Pregnancy." No, I'm not pregnant, but I have heard that you can get it for other reasons including birth control.) So this lotion might just be the one for me. I think I'll go buy some this weekend and try it out.

What do you use?


Julia Wade said...

i use an SPF 15 - the equate brand of oil of olay at walmart - oil free. i SWEAR by it. it feels like you have nothing on and moisturizes so well. maybe they have an spf 30?

whitney said...

sadly, my moisturizer doesn't have any SPF in it... maybe i should try what you're trying or i'm going to end up with skin cancer someday.

Mer. said...

Molly, where do you buy that H20 brand?

I use Aveeno's super light, but only SPF 15.

Molly said...

Thanks, ladies! I think I'll go buy a couple different kinds today.

Mer--I know there's an H20 store in SF. Maybe they have one in Salt Lake or Park city. But I think it's also sold in the mall at Sephora. I don't think they sell it just at Target or drug stores.

Julie and Lenny said...

try the neutrogen sheer high spf kind. i don't remember exactly what's it's called, but it's great for the face. and it's less than $10 for the whole bottle

Molly said...

Good idea, Julie. I'll try that, too!

Rockin' Radicals said...

I have used the Proactive SPF and I like it but it feels like sunblock when you put it on. Smells like it too. Do you have more info on this stuff? Website? I posted how I want to try a new make-up but I want to check this stuff out before I commit. Thanks.

V. said...

Hey Molly. Try Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30. It evens out skin tone and texture and I love, love, love it. I think it's about $15 at drugstores.

Amy Carter said...

Molly - don't go higher than SPF 30. it doesn't really protect more and the higher the level, the more chemicals included.

i love H2O+
you can become a 'plus member', which means you'll get 15% off during your b-day month, and will get email notices about sales. twice a year they have a one-day 25% off everything sale. that's when i get all my products. they have a great online store if you can't make it to the shop.
the only stores in the West are in SF, LA, & LV.

yesterday, i just bought Clinique's new Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15. it has a green tint to it, so it reduces redness. and it uses non-chemical sunscreen.