Monday, April 14, 2008

can you say walk/run/walk/walk/walk?

So I know some of you are curious about how my half marathon went. Well, don't expect any sub-2-hour reports here. Three weeks ago that would have happened, but it didn't, and that's totally fine with me. I ended up having the best day.

5:00am -- Ok, ok. I'll get up.

5:58am -- I actually made it to Los Gatos early. I know. That never happens.

6:10am -- Still no Deirdre. By this point I was really hoping that she had accidentally slept in and we didn't have to run the race.

6:15am -- No such luck.

6:45am -- We arrived at the Boardwalk for the start of the race.

7:00am -- We were in the porta potties when the start gun went off. Good thing it was chip timing because half the race participants were still in line to use the bathroom and there was no warning whatsoever before the gun went off. I took my time.

7:04am -- Here goes nothing. Cross the start line, start my watch timer, and head up the hill.

7:08am -- Listen? Can you hear the sea lions barking from under the pier? I think they're laughing at us.

7:21am -- Are you kidding me? We've only gone 2 miles?? Wow. It has already felt like 4. Sun is shining. We're running North along West Cliff Drive. The ocean is beautiful. It's not cold. If only I wanted to be running. Then it would be absolutely perfect.

7:30am -- 10k turnaround. I could turn around here. I really could just turn around and meet Deirdre at the end.

7:37am -- First up hill. I let Deirdre pull ahead. She's going to have a great race. At least I like hills.

7:45am -- 5 mile mark. We're on a beautiful bike path paralleling Highway 1. I'm running a 9-minute pace but I'm exhausted. Deirdre has disappeared toward Wilder Park, and I decide to walk. I have never ever walked so early in a race. But boy did it feel good. Turn on my ipod. Accept the fact that it's just not my day. Ok. Downhill. I guess I should start running again.

8:02am -- 6 mile mark. Wow. Running around Wilder Park is beautiful. Zig-zagging along the coastline on a dirt path, looking down at little inaccessible beaches, spotting sea lions out in the water, enjoying the birds flying by, laughing when "Reach Out, I'll be There" starts playing on my ipod: Now when you feel like you can't go on, Because all your hope is gone, And your life is filled with much confusion, Until happiness is just an illusion, Darling, Reach out, Reach out... I had visions of reaching out and grabbing onto the person in front of me and letting them pull me. I don't think they would have liked that.

8:19am -- Walk again? Sure! Why not?

8:22am -- Uphill. Ha! I may not be able to run on flat ground, but I can do the hills. So I run up the hill. The wildflowers are beautiful. I let the weeds brush up against my legs thinking I'll check for ticks later. Besides, it's not quite tick season yet.

8:34am -- Downhill. Shade. Wow. It's nice and cool down here. I didn't realize it was getting so hot. Uphill! Why do I like uphills? Water stop. Did someone say stop? Don't mind if I do. Half a cup for my mouth, half a cup dumped down my back. Oooh. That's nice.

8:42am -- She's going the distance, She's going for speed... Once again, I have to laugh at my iPod's random selection. More like She's going to run down the hill at Natural Bridges and hang out at the beach instead of running those blasted last 3 miles. Hey--this is where I could have turned around for the 10k. I wonder why I didn't.

Run, run.

Walk. Check out the view.

Run, run, run.

Walk. Dump water down my back.

Run, run, run, run.

Walk. Check out the sea lion playing in the water.

9:09am: One mile left. It is the most amazing day in Santa Cruz. It is totally warm already. People are out walking their dogs. There's a crazy lady running in front of me with big frizzy pigtails. I'm secretly kicking myself in the butt for the fact that I'm back here running behind the crazy pigtail lady and not already done with the race.

9:16am: I can see the finish line. Just around the corner, down the hill, and onto the beach. Should I push it? Nah, how about another walking break? Sounds great!

9:18am: Ok, ok, ok. I'll run. Around the corner, down the hill, right-hand turn, across the sand, and Ta-Da! Out of my way, people--I'm headed to the beach!

So for all the walking I did, I'd have to say that a 2:17 time isn't too bad. Yeah, I was disappointed to not run a sub-2-hour race, but it wasn't a race-day disappointment. I knew long before race day that it just wasn't happening. But that's running for you. Sometimes your body just decides on its own that you're trying to do too much. When you have too much on your plate, something has got to give.

So after hanging out on the beach for a while with Deirdre, we went out to a very yummy breakfast. I may not have pounded the race, but I sure pounded that French Toast!

All in all, the day was very fun. I love hanging out with Deirdre, the warm weather made me so happy, I had so much energy the rest of the day, Christian and I went to the mall and visited Denise, I bought myself a nice big bag of gummy candy, and we watched 5 hours of Lost while I did online traffic school.

Relaxing day? Absolutely. I needed it.


Dana said...

good job Molly, it sounds like you had a beautiful run.

Carbonneau said...

sounds like you had fun! one of these days I would love to run a race with you! I am not even close to trying yet...but one of these days!! The beach sounds is already hitting the 90's here. :P

d/b/c/m said...

yeah! so awesome that you did it! what a great place, too. you've got me tempted to head down there...


Julia Wade said...

santa cruz is absolutely beautiful. sounds like you had a beautiful run. you were so relaxed and took it easy for your body. you're in a really stressful point in school, so a cleansing 13.1 is probably exactly what the doctor ordered! way to go.

Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

If only I could watch five hours of Lost on a lazy Saturday afternoon/evening. Alas, I have a little girl itching for endless play time. Good job on the race even though you weren't into running that day.

Christian said...

I am amazed that you are able to remember the exact time that you would walk, run, or laugh.