Monday, March 24, 2008

running bliss

Sometimes you have good running days. Sometimes you have bad running days. Saturday was a good running day. A very very good running day. So good that I have to write it down.

First let me clarify that the term "fast" is completely relative in running. That's why I don't mind sharing my race times. I know I'm not "fast" by the elite running world's standards, so I don't think sharing my times can be considered bragging. Some people might look at my times and think they are incredibly slow. Others might look at my times and think they are pretty fast. All that matters to me is how I am doing in comparison to me. So to give you a reference, a 2-hour half marathon for me is fast. Very fast.

So I met up with Kaylynn, Whitney, and Brook on the Los Gatos Creek trail at 7:30am on Saturday. Bright and early. They were running an 18-miler, so I jumped in a couple miles into their run. Deirdre jumped in a couple miles farther down the trail. That's one of many great things about the Los Gatos trail--there are so many places to start that people can jump on and off just about anywhere.

Everything was green. The trees all had blossoms. The ducks were hanging out at the reservoir. The weather was cool but not cold. Absolutely perfect.

I felt good. Very very good. We ran a fast pace, but I didn't even feel like I was pushing any harder than usual. Lately I've been running faster during the week--not necessarily because I have the internal motivation, but because my Nike+ system is keeping track of how many runs I do in under a 9-minute-mile average. And I just can't let my Nike+ down, now can I?

It has paid off. I ran my 12-miler on Saturday at a 9:15 pace. I normally slow WAY down at the end of long runs, but not this one. I was actually able to pick up the pace in the last couple of miles. And if it weren't for the bathroom break (darn bathroom breaks always get in the way!), I would have been on track for a 2-hour half marathon. We'll see if I can keep this up until April 12th.

Santa Cruz Half Marathon here I come!


Julia Wade said...

good girl!! way to go .... :)

Carbonneau said...

Keep it up!! You make me want to start running!