Tuesday, March 4, 2008

interesting facts

I think I'll start keeping brief records about interesting little facts about my family.

Here's are some interesting fact about my mom.

My mom used to teach home economics at Los Gatos High right after she graduated from college. When I started dating Christian, I learned that his mother (10 years younger than my mom) had actually been in my mom's home economics class at Los Gatos High. Very strange coincidence. I'll try to scan some photos from his mom's yearbook.

So it turns out that my mom played a primary role in convincing the administration at Los Altos High to allow the female teachers to wear pants. Skirts were required of all female teachers. It turns out pant-suits were very stylish at the time (1969-1970), and my mom was definitely into wearing the latest styles. So she lobbied with the administration and got them to allow the women to wear pants. And she was the first female faculty/staff there to wear pants to class.

Pretty cool, huh?


Ryan said...

Pretty cool indeed. My respect for Chris Carter was 107% yesterday, while today its around 143%.

Julia Wade said...

i think i remember that about your family. it's great to have mothers to look up to.

Carbonneau said...

Those are VERY interesting facts. It such a small world that your Mom's new each other! We see stuff like that all the time! I think I should start a blog about coincidences like that!

Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

I love that your mom taught my mom...super cool and crazy coincidence. Way to go Chris for wearing the pants!