Monday, March 24, 2008

i want a dog!!!

I want a dog. I want a big dog. I want a Great Dane.

Someday I'll get a Great Dane from the Gentle Giants Rescue down in Southern California. (The pictures below are from their site:

Reasons why we can't have a Great Dane:

1. Our apartment complex doesn't allow pets. We might even be breaking the rules with hermit crabs.
2. Even if we moved to an apartment that allowed dogs, most have a weight limit of about 50 pounds. That's only half a Great Dane.
3. Even if we lived in an apartment that allowed dogs as big as Great Danes, who knows where we'll be in a couple years, and trying to move and find a place that takes another huge dog might be impossible.
4. If we ever need to manage apartments (in order to survive with these ridiculous housing prices), having a huge dog would pretty much guarantee we wouldn't find a position.
5. Neither of us are home during the day. I can't justify getting a dog and leaving it all by itself all day every day.

Well take a look at that. It all boils down to the price of housing. If the prices of houses weren't so high, I could stop working, we could buy a house, we could get a dog, and I could stay home with the dog. Ok, ok. I guess I'd have to add a baby into that equation so I could justify staying at home. But the dog would be the icing on the cake. :)

My coworker just told me that his dad has a Great Dane and that they would give it to me in a second. "No really, if you wanted him, my dad would probably give him to you." Don't tempt me. PLEASE don't tempt me.

UPDATE: Christian just called me and told me the company is moving faster than we thought. He'll be working from home starting sometime in the next couple weeks. Ok, we can now scratch problem #5 off the list. Now if we could just find a way to fix problems #1-4...


Julia Wade said...

k, they are super cute puppies, molly!! i was in the same boat as you about a year ago. i couldn't even stand it anymore .. dogs are just too much fun. you are brave to want to get a great dane. they are HUGE! but so much fun. it will come .... :)

Carbonneau said...

I know...MOVE TO ARIZONA!! ;) Housing is MUCH cheaper. A friend of mine a few streets down from our house, has THREE GREAT DANES! done. She can do can :) The dogs are super gentle and way calm. You picked a fun breed. What got you hooked on great danes? Congrats to Christian on working from home soon!! fun fun!

Tyler said...

They are spectacular dogs aren't they? I'd definitely want a big dog versus a football dog if I ever got one (not planning on ever getting a pet that can't be kept in a jar or bowl). But have you ever wondered why these Gentle Giants need rescuing? People with tiny little homes can't handle them, or the giant quantities of food they eat or the giant poops they poop. Good luck with that.

Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

Great Danes are amazing! I want a weimaraner one day. We shall see though because sometimes I would rather look at a dog and dream instead of take care of it...fleas, poop...yuck!