Wednesday, March 26, 2008

falling down

Yesterday I fell off my bike. No, I fell over on my bike. Well, technically I wasn't exactly on my bike. But we both fell over. Regardless, it was hilarious.

I want you to picture this in your mind. And then have a good laugh, because I'm still laughing.

As I was riding to my tutoring job yesterday, I stopped at a 3-way stop light. It's a long light, so sometimes I just stand there daydreaming. There was a line of cars next to me, a line of cars to our right, and a line of cars to our left. As I stood there, all my weight was on my right foot, and my left foot was still clipped into my pedal.

Note to self: Don't daydream on a bike, even if you're standing still.

Suddenly I noticed that I was starting to lean left. Uh oh. I tried to correct and lean to the right, but I couldn't. I tried frantically to unclip my left foot, but the angle just wasn't right as the bike and I leaned farther and farther to the left. All I could think was, "That's it. It's actually happening. I'm falling over." And after what seemed like an eternity of slow-motion leaning, I found myself lying on my side, still clipped into my pedal.

All I could do was laugh. I clicked my foot out, stood up, picked my bike up, and got back on. Then I had to stand there for what seemed like forever waiting for the light to change. I tried to be serious, but every time I pictured myself falling over, I started cracking up again. I'm positive all the people who saw were having a good laugh as well. I'm glad I could make their day (or week for that matter).

No more daydreaming at stoplights. No more falling over!


Julia Wade said...

we've all done it once! luckily when i did it, jona was next to me to catch me. phew! glad you could laugh about it .... i was totally embarrased.

Carbonneau said...

Thank for the post! I have one BIG Grin on my face, and I am chuckling...hope you don't mind ;) Sorry it happened...hope it was a good day dream!

Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...


Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

yeah, that's embarrassing. Nothing is worse than the slow-mo.

Brody said...

When i was learning to ride clipped in, i waited too long to unclip before a light one time. I fell straight over. At a stop light. On El Camino. Rush hour traffic.
I feel like everyone who has ever ridden clipped in has a similar story.