Thursday, March 20, 2008

bad hair day

I guess you could call it a bad hair, bad skin, bad fashion, bad attitude day.

I don't mind looking like a slob, and I don't mind looking dressed up. But I'm not a big fan of mixing the two--even though I do it all too often. Let me explain. Today is the Match Day celebrations for our medical students. They all found out this morning where they are going to spend the next 3, 4, 5 years for their residency. Literally--we hand them an envelope and it contains the program and location in the country where they will be moving in 3 months. Just slightly nerve racking.

So I woke up too late this morning to do anything with my hair. I left with it wet--never a good idea for frizzy hair. Not wanting to chance the train being late or denying bike passengers, I rode all the way to work.

I then realized that the outfit I brought wasn't the cutest. Cute skirt, cute shirt, not-so-cute white fitted sweatshirt (because I seriously lack attractive warm cover-ups), and black flats, which look great with jeans, but emphasize my massive calves when paired with a skirt. Oh! By the way! My calves are an entire inch bigger than my sister's. An entire inch! That's a big difference in circumference for a calf! Our butts are the same size, but it seems my calves could take hers any day.

Back to my frumpiness.

To make matters worse, I left my makeup in my mom's car last weekend, so I've been going make-up-less this week. Frizzy hair with cute makeup -- I'll still look good. Cute hair with no makeup -- I'll still look good. Frizzy hair AND no makeup -- not good. Not good at all.

Frizzy hair, frumpy outfit, and no make up--all paired with an adorable skirt that lets the cat out of the bag that I actually intended to look nice today. Can't wait to go to the fancy Match Dinner celebration tonight in all my frumpy glory. Bleh.

Can I go home now?

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Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

I feel frumpy just about every day. That would be my fault though because I stay at home and it isn't like anyone really cares so I tend to not care. I mean I wear a silly pony tail on the top of my head all day long. Anyway, I hate those bad everything days. At least you didn't have a huge zit on the tip of your nose or in the middle of your fore head.