Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i've been tagged

Here are my 6 unimportant tidbits about me:

Note on numbers 1 thru 3: I once heard mention of "blog crushes." You know, where you can't get enough of someone's blog, and you want to be an awesome blogger just like them. Well, I don't have any blog crushes. But I'll list my other crushes.

1. Friend crushes. I can easily list of at least 5 friend crushes that I have. People I would LOVE to be friends with, but I'm just not. They are normally (not always) older than me with multiple kids and are way cooler than I'll ever be. Maintaining friendships after your friends have kids is easy. Building new friendships with people who have kids (when you don't have any) really isn't as easy. Especially when you're busy. But I can crush, right?

2. Music crushes. I love music. Especially mellow music I can sing along to. And hip hop or salsa that makes me want to dance. I hear people talk about music and I'm jealous that I don't know it. It's really my fault. We lost our ipod and haven't bothered to get a new one. I ride my bike to work and think that riding a bike with headphones on is really dangerous, so I never listen to music on the way to work. I've tried listening to music at work, but in a cubicle you have to listen really quietly, and what's the point if you can't actually hear the music? I stopped listening to music when I run, because I love being able to hear what's going on around me when I'm out in nature. So for reasons entirely my own, I don't know much music. But I have music crushes. And some day I'll listen to more music.

3. Fashion crushes. I always want to be more fashionable. But I always revert back to jeans and t-shirts and "safe" makeup. I guess I feel a little silly when I wear really stylish clothes--I feel like I'm playing dress-up. I would love to be able to pull off bright colored eye shadow or outfits that only look good on the runway. But then I look like a clown. So I'll keep crushing.

I think I'll wear this when I'm pregnant.

Ooh. I want this.

4. I wish I could spend all my money on travel. Sure, I'd love to have a house someday, but only so I could have a garden and a dog. Right now we have a balcony full of potted plants and hermit crabs. Almost there, right? But I'd rather spend my money on traveling. Since we've been married, we've gone to Mexico, Hawaii, Belize, and Brazil. This year we're going to Hawaii again for Deirdre's wedding in July. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly excited (I check flight costs daily and I already booked our condo), but I'm the kind of person who wants to go somewhere new every time. I want to go to Ecuador. Or Thailand. In fact, I want to live in another country. Learn another language. Perfect my Spanish. Have an adventure. I want my little kids to speak another language.

5. Practicality and living your dream. I went to a career assessment class recently where we talked a lot about our dream jobs. Luckily I'm starting my dream job part time in a few weeks (teaching English as a second language to adults), but only on the side. My other dream job is to be a personal trainer and teach pilates and yoga classes. Christian's dream is to fly helicopters. Or start a conservation/education organization in Brazil. Or open a soccer gym. My sister, Amy, wants to be in the fashion world. But here we all are sitting at our desk jobs. Why can't I quit my job and teach instead? Why can't Christian drop everything right now and go to helicopter school? Why can't Amy quit her job, take out a couple fatty student loans, and get her degree in fashion? We would all be much happier. And it always works out in the end, right? Oh, but it's just not practical. Darn that practicality.

6. White white all around. The fact that almost all of my friends are caucasian bothers me a little bit. It's a common fact that people tend to hang out with similar people. For me, that's usually people I meet at church. And most of them are white. Not everyone, but most. I'm so sad to finish my masters program, because I have a lot of Asian friends in the program who I might never see again outside of class. I don't want to stop tutoring Mayumi even if my life gets insanely busy. She's my Japanese friend. I want to hang out with Karolina and all her Brazilian friends more. Camelia is Persian, but she moved away. Veeda is one of the coolest people I know (and incredibly beautiful--Veeda! I hope you're reading this!), but she lives in Utah. Ooh! Lenessa is Mauri and Deirdre is Filipino! And they live here! Ding ding ding! Ok, so most people probably don't even think about this, but I definitely do. Have you ever thought about this?

I'm adding a #7: I write the way I talk--WAY TOO MUCH!

Oh. I'm supposed to tag other people. Lenessa, Bonnie, Jenzel, and Dana--YOU'RE IT!


Ryan said...

Ok Molly, let's first get something straight. You DO have a blog crush - on me. You always seem to forget that, for some reason.

I know exactly what you mean, about the "why are we sitting at our desk jobs while we stare out the window and watch our dream jobs eat popsicles and play hopscotch?" I want to be a comedy writer - and yet I instead have to go to boring work.

That's one of humankind's biggest questions. You answer that Molly, and you'll win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dennis & Jenna said...

I love the crushes! I secretly have crushes too. My blog crush changes a lot but I do have them. BTW I LOVE the new hair do! Super adorable and rocker chic!

veeda said...

Molly! I have a crush on you. You are too nice.

veeda said...

Also, I like your new hair style.

Kaylynn said...

Um, yeah, did I not tell you that I have your iPod? You left it in the back of my trunk at the SF 1/2. Yep, about 8 months ago. So sorry to not have told you, I really thought I did. Now it's just sitting at my house with a pile of mail for you.

Molly said...

Oh my gosh! We have looked for that everywhere! That is so funny. Christian will be so excited when he finds out, because that one will be his. :) We knew we'd find it if we ever bought a new one.