Tuesday, February 12, 2008

cross your fingers

Cross your fingers for me. And your toes and arms and legs and hair and eyes. Well now you just look plain silly.

For this semester's practicum class, I have to observe 10 hours of ESL classes, tutor 6 hours, and teach 10 hours. The observing will be no problem. I already have 4 hours set up at Foothill College, maybe 3 at the Mountain View community center, and another 4 at in East Palo Alto. Tutoring will be no problem. I already tutor the greatest student ever for 2 hours each week. I'll be done with those requirements within the next month.

But the teaching. Ohhh, the teaching. Where am I supposed to teach?

But I may luck out here. I have been substitute teaching an intermediate level ESL class in East Palo Alto. This past Thursday was my last day. The program director was considering making the program 3 days a week instead of the current 2 days a week, but the regular beginning level teacher isn't able to teach a third day. Too bad. Or is it? I mustered up all the confidence I could and suggested that I teach the third day for the beginning students.

Perhaps a speaking and pronunciation class? (I absolutely LOVE phonetics and this would be a dream come true.)

Perhaps a Spanish and English literacy class? (Some of the students aren't even literate in Spanish and I would LOVE to teach them to spell and read in Spanish and English.)

At first I didn't hear anything back. I figured maybe the idea didn't go over so well. So I sent a second email, hoping I wasn't bothering her--she is a very busy lady.

Luckily she expressed interested and will check with the students. When I talked to my friend who teaches the intermediate class, and she said she'd love to teach all 3 days also and would do her best to promote the idea of adding a third day.

I might get my own class. I might get to design my own class. So you'd better bet my fingers and eyes and toes and everything else are crossed right now.

I'll keep you posted.

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Sally Teeple said...

I agree, teaching a pronunciation class would be so fun! The teacher (at SJ City College) I found who will let me teach in her class DOES have a pronunciation class, but it's not at a good time for me. :( But I do get to teach in her advanced speaking and listening class, and that should be just as fun.