Thursday, February 7, 2008

and life goes on

During a meeting at work today, I found out that there were shootings in East Palo Alto today--right outside the community center. That community center organizes the ESL classes that I have been teaching. (The actual classes I teach take place farther down the road.) Of course it shook up people here, and they wanted to make sure Stanford students know they might be in danger if they go to the community center. Makes sense. Better safe than sorry.

But will the ESL classes be canceled? Will the ESL students not leave their houses to come to class? Will everyone be scared?

Nope. That's what people live with in East Palo Alto. The students will come to class. And I'll be there to teach.

And life goes on.


Carbonneau said...

crazy! Last year there was a drive-by at a park during one of our soccer games in Tucson. It was a little close to call, we dont play there anymore, BUT I am sure a lot of other people do. Life goes on! BTW I am very excited to see you in March. I will email you when I get all the details..hopefully soon! AND I started a blog..finally..come check it out! -Kati

Sally Teeple said...