Friday, February 29, 2008

good day sunshine

Today has been awesome. Let me tell you why:

1. I got to work at 7:30am. Good job, Molly!

2. I was hired to teach an evening ESL class in East Palo Alto! My very own class. They already meet twice a week in their regular class, but I'll teach the third night to help them develop speaking, pronunciation, listening, and some literacy. It's going to be all about fun activities that get students talking and interacting so they have the confidence they need to interact in English. And the curriculum is wide open. I'd better get started. I start this coming week.

3. I was also hired to develop a curriculum for a youth ESL program. This will be more of a challenge. At first I thought it sounded kind of boring (curriculum development doesn't exactly scream fun), but now I am anxious to get started. I also start next week. It's going to be a busy weekend.

4. Christian surprised me with an ipod Nano! I lost my mini a while back, and I've been wanting a new one. We had decided it wasn't worth the expense, but he surprised me anyway. What a cutie! He told me the deal was that I had to pay for the Nike+ system out of my own allowance. No problem!

5. Understandably, I needed an armband so I could actually run with it. I stopped by Best Buy on my way back from EPA, looking for this ($20 at Target):

I ended up finding the same armband but in pink and brown for breast cancer awareness! It was only $5 and $2.50 of it goes directly to breast cancer awareness and research. Score! I can't find a picture online, but I'll take one soon.

In all my excitement (numbers 2, 3, and 5 all occurred within a half hour), I forgot to look for a little pod to hold the Nike+ sensor. But that's what Target is for, right?

So I have a new job (read: additional) and a new toy. What a good day!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

who wants to smell like pickles?

Who wants to smell like pickles? Ooh! Me! Pick me!

And how about a hint of tuna just to balance it out? Yes! That would be wonderful!

So every Thursday I order food for our meeting. I walk to the cafe and pick up the big box of food. Trust me--it's hefty. I call it my Thursday workout.

I do this every Thursday. And every Thursday it works out just fine. But today I got halfway back from the cafe and felt something wet on my belly. Oh no.

I put down the box and looked down at my black shirt. Sure enough, there was a wet spot that had soaked through to my skin. Probably some water. I wiped at it (mainly just to dry it and be back on my way), pretty much spreading it around on my shirt. It was a black shirt. It didn't really matter. But then I had this great idea to smell my hand. I mean, what if it wasn't water?

Pickle juice. One of the sandwiches had leaked pickle juice. Onto my shirt. Through my shirt. Onto my skin. And now? All over my hands. Of course, in my desbelief, I smelled my hand again. What's that? Tuna! That's right folks. Pickle juice from a tuna sandwich.

So I delivered the sandwiches to my meeting, telling my coworker that I'd be right back--I had to go to the bathroom and try to wash off my pickle and tuna perfume. He promptly responded, "Oh, is that what I smelled?" Great. I'm not the only person who can smell it.

So three hours later I'm still catching whiffs of pickle and tuna. Gross. I can't wait to go home.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i've been tagged

Here are my 6 unimportant tidbits about me:

Note on numbers 1 thru 3: I once heard mention of "blog crushes." You know, where you can't get enough of someone's blog, and you want to be an awesome blogger just like them. Well, I don't have any blog crushes. But I'll list my other crushes.

1. Friend crushes. I can easily list of at least 5 friend crushes that I have. People I would LOVE to be friends with, but I'm just not. They are normally (not always) older than me with multiple kids and are way cooler than I'll ever be. Maintaining friendships after your friends have kids is easy. Building new friendships with people who have kids (when you don't have any) really isn't as easy. Especially when you're busy. But I can crush, right?

2. Music crushes. I love music. Especially mellow music I can sing along to. And hip hop or salsa that makes me want to dance. I hear people talk about music and I'm jealous that I don't know it. It's really my fault. We lost our ipod and haven't bothered to get a new one. I ride my bike to work and think that riding a bike with headphones on is really dangerous, so I never listen to music on the way to work. I've tried listening to music at work, but in a cubicle you have to listen really quietly, and what's the point if you can't actually hear the music? I stopped listening to music when I run, because I love being able to hear what's going on around me when I'm out in nature. So for reasons entirely my own, I don't know much music. But I have music crushes. And some day I'll listen to more music.

3. Fashion crushes. I always want to be more fashionable. But I always revert back to jeans and t-shirts and "safe" makeup. I guess I feel a little silly when I wear really stylish clothes--I feel like I'm playing dress-up. I would love to be able to pull off bright colored eye shadow or outfits that only look good on the runway. But then I look like a clown. So I'll keep crushing.

I think I'll wear this when I'm pregnant.

Ooh. I want this.

4. I wish I could spend all my money on travel. Sure, I'd love to have a house someday, but only so I could have a garden and a dog. Right now we have a balcony full of potted plants and hermit crabs. Almost there, right? But I'd rather spend my money on traveling. Since we've been married, we've gone to Mexico, Hawaii, Belize, and Brazil. This year we're going to Hawaii again for Deirdre's wedding in July. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly excited (I check flight costs daily and I already booked our condo), but I'm the kind of person who wants to go somewhere new every time. I want to go to Ecuador. Or Thailand. In fact, I want to live in another country. Learn another language. Perfect my Spanish. Have an adventure. I want my little kids to speak another language.

5. Practicality and living your dream. I went to a career assessment class recently where we talked a lot about our dream jobs. Luckily I'm starting my dream job part time in a few weeks (teaching English as a second language to adults), but only on the side. My other dream job is to be a personal trainer and teach pilates and yoga classes. Christian's dream is to fly helicopters. Or start a conservation/education organization in Brazil. Or open a soccer gym. My sister, Amy, wants to be in the fashion world. But here we all are sitting at our desk jobs. Why can't I quit my job and teach instead? Why can't Christian drop everything right now and go to helicopter school? Why can't Amy quit her job, take out a couple fatty student loans, and get her degree in fashion? We would all be much happier. And it always works out in the end, right? Oh, but it's just not practical. Darn that practicality.

6. White white all around. The fact that almost all of my friends are caucasian bothers me a little bit. It's a common fact that people tend to hang out with similar people. For me, that's usually people I meet at church. And most of them are white. Not everyone, but most. I'm so sad to finish my masters program, because I have a lot of Asian friends in the program who I might never see again outside of class. I don't want to stop tutoring Mayumi even if my life gets insanely busy. She's my Japanese friend. I want to hang out with Karolina and all her Brazilian friends more. Camelia is Persian, but she moved away. Veeda is one of the coolest people I know (and incredibly beautiful--Veeda! I hope you're reading this!), but she lives in Utah. Ooh! Lenessa is Mauri and Deirdre is Filipino! And they live here! Ding ding ding! Ok, so most people probably don't even think about this, but I definitely do. Have you ever thought about this?

I'm adding a #7: I write the way I talk--WAY TOO MUCH!

Oh. I'm supposed to tag other people. Lenessa, Bonnie, Jenzel, and Dana--YOU'RE IT!

why my mom is cooler than yours

My mom is cooler than yours. Unless you're one of my siblings. Then our moms are about the same coolness.

Here are the words of wisdom my mom gave me this past weekend when Christian and I were down in Hollister.

"You look like a rock star!"
(In response to my new hair cut.)

"It's ok. You're really busy!" (In response to my lame excuses for not working on my slipcover.)

"It's better to have cheated than to have not done it at all." (In response to the fact that I cheated on my Sudoku puzzle.)

She says I'm a rock star, she gives me excuses for procrastinating, and she encourages me to cheat! Awesome.

Monday, February 25, 2008

while we still can

We have to do what we can, while we still can, right? Because some day there will be babies. And then toddlers. And then big kids. And then teenagers! (Oh, wait. We already have those.)

So yesterday was the perfect example. We came home from church and headed off to a friend's birthday party. I know. It was a Sunday. When we were little, we weren't allowed to go to birthday parties on Sundays. Now that we are older, having some friends over for dinner and games is a perfectly acceptable Sunday activity. Why is that?

Sorry. I got side tracked. So we went to Karolina's birthday celebration. Karolina is married to a Brazilian. And all their friends are Brazilian. Literally. So we rocked out to Brazilian music, ate amazing Brazilian barbeque, spoke Portuguese (ok, I only listened--I can understand, but I can't speak), and listened to the girls talk about plastic surgery. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Although Brazilian parties last all day (and night), we had to cut out early, much to the disappointment of Karolina. But I had to go home and finish my huge list of school work.

Of course, I had forgotten that I had promised Christian a Sunday afternoon nap. (Yes. Just a nap.) So we snuggled up around 5pm and.... Woke up around 8:30pm. Oops. So much for getting things done. So much for cooking that big chunk of meat marinating in the fridge. So much for getting all my school work done.

But, oh, it was such a nice nap.

Besides, once we have kids, taking three-hour naps together in the middle of the day is out of the question. Right? Right.

Friday, February 22, 2008

really bright

Sometimes I'm really bright. Super intelligent. A genius.

Last Monday I went from store to store returning the many things that have been in our "return" pile. This included a $4 sink plug that we bought but didn't fit our kitchen sink. It's been sitting in our to-return pile for months.

So I finally took it back. I got store credit, so I decided to buy a six pack of small poppy plants, a utility knife, and some goo-gone. I was very proud of myself.

When I got home, I excitedly showed Christian what I had gotten.

Christian's response?

"Yeah, but did you get a sink plug that fits?"


the suspense is killing you

Ok, ok. So I don't actually have a mullet. And it's not a very drastic change. Today I pulled more bangs down and they're flatter (they were a little round in these photos, which was just a result of me not knowing how to do them), so I'll have to take even more pictures. But I do love my hair. Christian is (very very) slowly coming around. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. This is how our conversation went this morning:

Christian: Your hair looks good.
Molly: Really? You like it?
Christian: (taking a second look) Well, I liked it when you first walked in the room. I don't know now.

Hey, that's a start.

So here's my new 'do:

Ashley came over last night and I dyed her hair for her. I LOVE the new color. Oh wait, maybe that's because it's the color I want for my hair. So of course, in true Carter girl fashion, we had to put on make-up and play with our hair and take lots of pictures. Ashley and Amy and I have always enjoyed putting on makeup, making faces in the mirror, and taking lots of pictures. I really don't understand people who hate smiling for a camera. You don't ever actually have to look at the pictures. But when else is the paparrazzi going to follow you? Flash that smile, baby!

Of course, then we ordered pizza and painted our nails while watching America's Best Dance Crew.

That said, here are a few shots of our fun night.

Trying on Dianna's red lipstick just to remind ourselves that we look like, well, um, whores if we wear red lipstick. Some people can pull it off. We know we can't.

Isn't my sista cute?

I wish my hair actually looked like this, but it doesn't. It's just too fluffy. But this is how my bangs look today, and I like it much better.

Work the camera.

Mmmmm. Pizza at 10:30 at night.

Who needs a salon?

We couldn't leave Christian out of the fun. Here is his sexy pizza shot.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

mullet mania

My wonderful friend, Lindsey, cut my hair last night. I have never been quite so excited about a hair cut. She literally took off an entire head's worth of hair. I know, because I saw it all on the floor. My hair is still long, but it is SO much thinner! My ponytail looked like a horse tail when I first got there.

I'm not even exaggerating. It's normal-person hair now.

The funny thing is that my sister, Ashley, was getting her hair cut the same day. After talking to her, I figured out we both wanted our hair cut the same way. We were going to be twinners! I couldn't find any pictures of what I wanted, but she gave me some inspiration. I can't wait to see her hair in person!

I didn't want the typical pop star layered look. I'm kind of over that.

Not what I'm looking for.

Nope. Definitely not it.

I really wanted a little more of an messy, casual indie-layered look (which is how I often end up doing my hair anyway).

Helps that she's just super cute in general.

My bangs aren't this thick, but I'm considering it.

Ashley told me to look up pictures of Zooey. I'm so glad she did. Adorable!

I know the styles might not look all that different, but to me they definitely are. I was a little afraid to try it, because I hate looking like I'm trying to be something I'm not, and I wasn't sure the hair would be me. Does that make sense? Lindsey did a great job. I love it. And I definitely feel like me. In fact, I went easy on the bangs just to try it out, but I'm thinking I'd already like to make them thicker.

So I got home, and Christian just kind of looked at me. Turned his head a little to the side. Gave me that hang-on-I'm-thinking kind of look, then said, "Ok, so don't take this the wrong way, but it kind of looks like a mullet."

My response?

Then you'd better learn to like mullets, because I love it!

Pictures of my hair coming as soon as I remember to charge my camera batteries...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

speaking of summer

Speaking of summer, I never posted about our trip to our Winter Wonderland!

In keeping with yearly tradition, we made the trek to the snow with the Slaughs and the Collins. This year? Snow, snow, and more snow. No joke. There was so much snow. And yes, snowboarding was freezing!! We would literally ride up the lift with the wind and snow pelting our faces, trying to stay warm by hiding our faces in our hoods. We'd get off the lift, try not to be blown away, head down the snow park (which consisted of a couple HUGE mounds that the wind would carry you up and over even though you couldn't really see where they were), then head into the trees.

Once we were in the trees, we were sheltered from the storm and the mountain turned into a winter wonderland. We all zig-zagged through trees, brand new powder everywhere we went. It was absolutely perfect.

Once down the mountain, we'd come out of the trees, brave the wind and snow, and do it all over again.

Can you tell it was cold?

Erica hung out in the lodge grading papers. I secretly envied her when we went into the warm lodge for lunch.

Of course, it wouldn't be our annual trip without a stop at the Blue Agave for dinner. Yummy!

We built a ramp in the driveway and went sledding. A couple neighborhood dogs decided that chasing whoever was sledding was much more entertaining than just watching.

The girls took a nice little walk down to the lake. Talk about a lot of snow!

We topped off the weekend by eating WAY too much food while watching the Superbowl (which only came in after the boys maneuvered the antennas into the perfect spot using tape and sticks).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy lovers day!

I love Christian. And my family. So so so much.

But I also love...

Lupin (otherwise known as Texas Blue Bonnets)

Gummy candies


Warm weather

Wearing skirts


Can you tell I'm ready for summer?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

race fees

If I could, I would do a half marathon or triathlon every month.

The main problem is the race fees.

San Jose half: $75
RunSF half: $70
Cal International Marathon: $75
Lake of the Pines triathlon: $50
Santa Cruz half: $55

And of course, one of our all-time favorites--the Nike Women's in San Francisco. This year's fees? Full marathon: $110. Half marathon: $95.


For this reason, I'm somewhat picky about how many races I do. I can easily spend $500 on race fees in any given year. And that doesn't even include the other running expenses--shoes, clothes, gu, etc.

Which got me thinking. Wow--$500 is a pretty big chunk of money. But it's all relative, right? Let's take golf for example.

Weekend golf rates:

San Juan Oaks: $85
Coyote Hills: $102
Spyglass: $330
Pebble Beach: $495

So I say, hey--if this is worth $495...

This is certainly worth $110...

Can I get an amen?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

8th graders??

I knew I spoke too soon. Literally about one hour too soon.

How about a 7th and 8th grader after school ESL enrichment program? All the students have been in the US for less than a year.

I would be in charge of curriculum development and team teaching.


Talk about hitting the road running...

cross your fingers

Cross your fingers for me. And your toes and arms and legs and hair and eyes. Well now you just look plain silly.

For this semester's practicum class, I have to observe 10 hours of ESL classes, tutor 6 hours, and teach 10 hours. The observing will be no problem. I already have 4 hours set up at Foothill College, maybe 3 at the Mountain View community center, and another 4 at in East Palo Alto. Tutoring will be no problem. I already tutor the greatest student ever for 2 hours each week. I'll be done with those requirements within the next month.

But the teaching. Ohhh, the teaching. Where am I supposed to teach?

But I may luck out here. I have been substitute teaching an intermediate level ESL class in East Palo Alto. This past Thursday was my last day. The program director was considering making the program 3 days a week instead of the current 2 days a week, but the regular beginning level teacher isn't able to teach a third day. Too bad. Or is it? I mustered up all the confidence I could and suggested that I teach the third day for the beginning students.

Perhaps a speaking and pronunciation class? (I absolutely LOVE phonetics and this would be a dream come true.)

Perhaps a Spanish and English literacy class? (Some of the students aren't even literate in Spanish and I would LOVE to teach them to spell and read in Spanish and English.)

At first I didn't hear anything back. I figured maybe the idea didn't go over so well. So I sent a second email, hoping I wasn't bothering her--she is a very busy lady.

Luckily she expressed interested and will check with the students. When I talked to my friend who teaches the intermediate class, and she said she'd love to teach all 3 days also and would do her best to promote the idea of adding a third day.

I might get my own class. I might get to design my own class. So you'd better bet my fingers and eyes and toes and everything else are crossed right now.

I'll keep you posted.