Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Everyone knows you're supposed to figure out your tax deductions so that the minimal amount is taken out. And everyone knows that the government is essentially using any extra taxes you paid to earn interest for themselves. And everyone knows that when you allow the government to keep your money throughout the year and give it back to you in tax returns, you miss out on the interest you could have made on that money. And everyone knows that you should keep that money throughout the year, put it into savings, and earn interest.

But I know that if I had my taxes worked out perfectly so that the money came to me and not to the government, I would have spent the majority of the money. And I know I wouldn't have saved very much. And I know that means I wouldn't have earned interest. And I know I wouldn't have a check coming to me in February that could allow me to attend a friend's wedding, buy a washer and dryer, and get out of debt.

Now you tell me. Is it really that bad that I let the government hold on to my money for the year?


Tyler said...

Molly, I agree with you completely. Come tax season I always get a big fat bonus from yours truly.

Would a financial expert agree with my methods? Probably not. Doest that matter? Nope.

Ashley said...

I am impressed you have already done your taxes. Tyler is usually driving ours to the post office late on April 15th.

Jenni said...

There's something completely satisfying about getting money back from the government. It's like saying, "give me back my money you filthy animal", and they really do. It's probably even worth the interest you could've made on it. It almost feels like the government is trying to sneakily steal that money from you, but then you catch them! Not so fast, U.S.A., that's my money. It feels so good!

LJ said...

Dude, are you getting that much money back? That's awesome!

Molly said...

Ok, it's not actually going to be that much money, but still a good chunk. :)