Thursday, January 17, 2008

quite the fashionista

I'm exstatic. Not just slightly amused. Exstatic. We went to Petsmart on Tuesday to get a new home for little Herbie. (That's what I'm calling him for now. We'll see if it sticks.) It was SO fun. I wanted to buy everything (and we practically did).

Before: The ghetto. Large tupperware home with small tupperware lids serving as water and food dishes and a little black drawer serving as a hideout.

After: MTV Cribs. 10-gallon aquarium, calcium sand, under-tank heater, thermometer and hydrometer, real wood for him to climb on, a real wood shelter, a plant (which is quickly dying), a water dish and sponge, and two new haute couture shells. Oh, and his old tupperware food dish just to remind him that he's still, he's still Jenny from the block.

The first night he didn't do anything. Just hid in his shelter.

BUT! This morning I went to check on him and noticed there were tracks all over the place. Food trailed into the sand. Half the water was gone. But the best part? There was his old shell sitting in the sand! He had switched shells! Not only did he change clothes, but he actually tried on both outfits before picking one (as evidenced by the rejected shell being completely flipped over and turned around).

Old outfit:

New outfit:

Rejected outfit:

Quite the fashionista!


Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...
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Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

Looks like I need to take fashion lessons from Herbie. Heaven knows some days I need it!

Ashley said...

That is so funny! Given the outfit selection, I think Herbie is a boy. A girl would've surely chosen the pink-er shell.

Molly said...

You are so right. The entire inside of the rejected shell is pink. And he chose brown. I think that's grounds for assuming it's a boy. Although if he were truly confident in his masculenity, he may have chosen pink.

LJ said...

You are kidding me! Mine never changed!! That is the most awesome thing I've ever heard of!

The Wades said...

you slay me molly! so fun.

Jenni said...

Question: Where can I put my terrarium? What the hell is a terrarium? Hahahahaha. I miss the Office so much. Serious question: Do these things pee and poo? How hard is it to clean up that aquarium/terrarium?

Molly said...

I had the same question, Jenni! They sell scoopers to clean the poop out of the sand, which means the poop ends up in the terrarium. I think they must poop in their shell and push it out. Honestly, how else could you poop if your butt is in a shell??

Oh, and I miss the Office, too. :(