Tuesday, January 15, 2008

our new pet likes black boxes

Along with their leftover milk, cheese, and frozen chicken, we inherited the Derby's hermit crab when they moved. I wasn't sure I was on board when Christian said, "Yeah! We'll take him!" But now I love him. He's scared of people and stays in his shell whenever we're around. We keep him on the couch close to the heater since it has been so cold. Last night we put him in a casserole dish so we could clean his tupperware (yeah, not such a glamorous life). When we got back from Christian's soccer game, he was gone. We weren't all that worried, except that our living room was incredibly messy and he had a million places to hide.

We only moved a couple pillows and found him hiding in the curve of a pair of snowboarding goggles. I felt so bad for him (or her--I have no idea. We'll say it's a he). I had this crazy thought of having a free-roaming hermit crab living in our apartment--free to roam wherever he wanted instead of being kept in a little tank. But then I came to my senses. We would step on him or he would pinch us. And no one would ever come over to our house knowing a hermit crab might crawl out from under the couch. Creepy.

So we decided to go get him an adequate (and much larger) home with hiding places, plenty of sand, and friends. Yes--friends. And then we'll give them one extra shell and they'll play musical shells. It will be lovely. But until then we needed something for him to hide in. So I grabbed a tiny black drawer from the box on my dresser. I wasn't sure if he'd like it, but the minute I put it in his...uh...tupperware, he crawled right in. He now hangs out in there--outside his shell, not all drawn in. It makes me happy.

I keep wanting to call him Hermy, but that's such a horribly unoriginal name for a hermit crab. Meghan had a name for him, but I forgot what it was. Dianna suggested Fred, but it just doesn't sound right when I say it. Any suggestions?

I had a dream last night that he died. And I was so sad. Looks like he's in our family for good now.


Josh, Veronica, and Savannah said...

Maybe his name could be Patrick, or even Crabs, or maybe Cootie.

LJ said...

I had two of these guys in high school. They lived for a long time (like 2 years) but never did switch shells! They were named Pink and The Brain. I'm old.

Ashley (tylers sister...not wife) said...

Haha, a free roaming hermit crab! That the coolest thing I ever heard. What if it learned it's name and when you came home you could call it and it'd come scurrying out from under wherever it was hiding!