Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 6: Madison, AL

We spent the day in Madison, Alabama with the Derbys. Well, technically we spent the day in the Derby's house in Madison, Alabama. We literally spent the whole day in their house. Boxes everywhere. But the boys had a table set up with these little remote control work trucks and a whole system for moving around little blue and red balls. It kept them (and Christian) entertained for hours.

Views of Madison

That's pretty much all we did. Christian and I took a little nap. We looked at a real estate magazine, gawking at how inexpensive the houses are. Massive houses on acres of lake-front property with stables and guest houses were less than $2 million. Even more amazing were the 4-bedroom, 3-bath brand new houses for $250,000. Wow.

After dinner we stopped back at the Derby's hotel to grab our stuff and get a ride over to a hotel by the airport. When we got to their room, there was a note on the door. A sprinkler had broken in the attic and had leaked into their room. Technically the note said it had "flooded" their room. Not good. All our stuff and their stuff were in the room. Luckily the room had gotten wet, but was not necessarily "flooded." Some things were damp, but the only thing ruined was a pair of Jennifer's leather boots. Poor thing. They were her favorites. Just one more thing they didn't need during this super hectic move.

But because of all the trouble, the hotel moved them from a one-bedroom suite to a 2-bedroom suite. So they decided to have us just stay in the second bedroom. That works, right? Our sixth hotel in six nights.

Can you tell she just said "You're not seriously going to make me take a picture"?

So here we are hanging out in the common room of the suite. Christian is building ceiling-high towers with blocks, and Finn is running around naked after his bath. Ahhh, we love hanging out with the Derbys.

I think I need to buy Christian some building blocks.

I just finished telling Christian for the 100th time that he needs to not laugh when the kids do something they're not supposed to. He says he just can't keep a straight face. I told him he has a few years to practice, because he'd better figure it out before our kids are old enough to make him laugh. I think it's no use.

Their faces show how much fun Christian is.

Time to go to bed. We have a very early flight tomorrow morning. Heading home.

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